Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be back!!!!

Hi everyone!!!. I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since early November!!!

So sorry!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with their families and friends. I have to say this is one of my favorite times of year.

I'll have a fun blog post in a couple of days. It's my annual 'Who I'd want under my tree' list.' It went over so went last year that i've been asked to do it again.

Hahaha. When i was writing it last night, i was floored by just how many i had on the list!! hahaha...omg...there are 22 well, now more..LOL! This will be fun post for sure!

To give you a peek at who perhaps is number one....Let me just show you these two videos of two of the list!

Let the drooling commence!! hahaha

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