Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Night Pick Me Up!

Work and Real Life lately have been quite hectic for me lately.

But what always seems to make me feel a bit better is a little music, and a lot of writing.

Mail Order Groom is coming along very well. Before I work on it a bit more this evening, I'd like to introduce you to Yuri.

Nik's Best Friend and as close to a brother to him as one could be.

I wrote a good great deal about him and how his actions pull Nik's into one of the craziest situations he'll ever be in.

Enjoy the Pick me up!


JonnysRichiesgina said...

oh yes Stryker !! yummy you just know how to make a girl feel good dontcha love ya xoxoxo

Shelly said...

i knew you would like it!!!! I was thinking about you as i wrote it. yuri's such a huge part of the story and i was prepping he and beth's backstory. i'm like. I can't wait for donna to read it! LOL