Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What gets your attention?

I haven't been online that much have been writing a lot. (I have to update my word counts in fact so that all of you can see my progress, i've been too lazy to do that).

The other day, when talking to one of my Crit Partners over the phone like we always to and we were commenting on capturing aka "hooking" your reader's attention.

For readers, can a hook turn you off? Or does it make you want to continue reading?

For writers, when do you use hook or a cliffhanger? At the end of the chapter? The beginning?

I think it's good to do at different point of a story and it depends on the plot, but what does everyone else think?


The Goddess Hathor said...

For Hath-The-Reader, if the opening page doesn't grab me, I don't get the book -- doesn't matter who the author is. My all-time favorite author is Stephen King, and I couldn't get into the Gunslinger series. I tried six times to start the series and couldn't get past the first page of the first book without saying, "Nah, it isn't for me."

For Hath-The-Writer, all my stories are blog-based (so far). So, ending a chapter or six (not every one) with a "cliff hanger" is kind of a necessity IMO.

~ H

Shelly said...

Thanks Hath, I agree w/that.