Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let me pose this question......

Hello everyone. Sorry i haven't been around much. But i've been writing and as always, real life comes first.

I finished the first story of my A Foreign Affairs series and i've subbed it (crossing fingers) and it's called Sweet Dreams.
Stories focus on three friends, Beth, Jessie and Kelly their quests to find Mr. Perfect.

The first story is Beth's and she's a successful baker, that has the same name as my title. Beth, after a series of bad relationships enjoys a fun, sexy weekend with the charismatic Yuri, on a dating site called A Foreign Affair.

The multi-cultural website is not your typical dating site. In this series, this particular website can not only find you a potential date, but also if you want, a husband...of the male order variety.

Hahahaha. I'll leave it at that.

These stories are a lot of fun. I hope all of you get to see them as these characters are as close to me as my darling shape shifter, Olivia.

Before i post a bit of what i wrote, i have to pose this question, if you thought the love of YOUR life was on the internet, would you take a chance on them? Would you as much as possible to try to see them? Get to know them by whatever means necessary?

Enjoy a snippet of Sweet Dreams....

Their suite was an extensive masterpiece that mesmerized her by its intimacy.
Hanging on the walls were water colored images of rock legends gone by. Since Yuri had such an extensive background in music from managing clubs over the years, this suite fit the bill nicely. There was even in one corner, a lacquered black oak Baldwin piano just begging to be played.
In all her years in visiting in New York City, she had never been to a hotel quite like this. Even though her sweet little home nestled in a nice cul-de-sac in Stamford was three hours away, her house could probably fit into the living area alone.
She was truly speechless.
She heard it again. The sound of an acoustic guitar that streamed so beautifully from the suites surround sound system. She had no other choice to but to find where it was coming from.
Finding the source of the music meant finding him.
The more she heard, the more she wanted him.
She followed the trail of crumpled clothing to the master bedroom where she finally found him walking around with just a single towel around his waist.
All her worries disappeared. Bonnie was right. He was nothing less than spectacular to look at.
He turned around slowly. His long shoulder-length hair was freshly damp from the shower.
As much as he tried to catch the stray droplets that trickled from his hair, she had to say she enjoyed how they trailed down his broad chest and stomach. With one drop continuing to go slowly towards that mysterious yet magical ‘V’ that she was deeply interested in….
His blue eyes danced when he saw her. “You’re here!” He shouted walking over to her.
“Hi!” she said. Her face a little red with embarrassment over herself practically frothing at the mouth.
His voice was rich and soothing. It was comforting hearing him speak to her without a webcam or a keyboard between them.
He didn’t care how wet he was. In one swoop, he pulled her close to him and held on to her tightly.
Her petite body enjoyed being against his. She never felt so secure or protected in only a few moments of meeting him. Towering over her, he planted a welcome kiss on top of her head.
Looking up at him, she wrapped her arms around his naked torso. “Hi.” She said to him again.
He snickered, pulling away some stray red waves that framed her face. “It is good to see you Beth.” He said softly.
Her eyes couldn’t stop looking as his she found her hands trying to pull him even closer to her than he already was.
“You too Yuri. Did you have a good flight? Are you tired?” She said feeling a bit of concern for him.
“I feel fine. I slept a little bit on the plane. I had asked the clerk to let me know when you were here. I would have met you in the lobby.” He explained.
“I told Bonnie that I wanted to surprise you. I had just gotten off the train when I got your text.”
“I didn’t want our first meeting face to face to be with me in a towel.” He said.
“Things could be worse, you could have nothing on.” She joked pulling away for bit while admiring his large, chiseled frame.
“You’re saying that as if that wouldn’t be so bad.” He laughed.
“Mmm. I don’t know if that really would be so bad.” She said.
He found himself dropping the towel on the floor freeing his hand to curve around her tiny waist, his long fingers, ever so slightly touching her butt before placing it around her waist where his other hand was.
She gasped when he touched her. Part of her didn’t know whether or not if she wanted him to continue touching her or to stop.
“You okay?” he asked her his grin seemingly had a devilish, yet flirtatious intent.
“Yeah, just took me by surprise for a bit.” She said while she pulled away from him, her body trembled from what she feared were possible Yuri withdrawals.
Picking up the towel from the carpet, he placed it around his neck. He walked towards her holding out his hand.
“I’m sorry. Come back. I don’t bite.” He whispered.

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