Saturday, March 26, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday for 3/27

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend....I'm a part of Six Sentence Sunday again, and I thought i'd share a snippet of Sweet Dreams, which will be released by Lazy Day Publishing in July.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sweet Dreams

She could hear and feel the intensity of his voice as the words play in her head with that deep accent while she re-read his words. Longing for any sign of her.
The two of them had been used to talking for several hours at a time. Whether it was sending posts back and forth on an ‘A Foreign Affair’ forums or chatting via webcam on echat.
She loved how he listened to her talk about her day, at times wondering if all her talk of baking pies and concocting the perfect peppermint mocha latte bored him to tears.
Re-reading his note, she could hear his deep voice, pleading with her to contact him with any news, each word making her pussy drip wet with desire.


Lauri J Owen said...

Sounds like she's longing for him, too. Sexy six!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Congrats on the contract, it certainly sounds like a hot read! :)