Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OMG where has the time gone???

Hi everyone!!!

I am so sorry. This time of year, things get uber busy for me!

I miss all of you. And I think later on this week, i think on Friday, I'll do a vlog.

Been busy with the copy edits of Coming Home which by the way will be released on Oct. 19th for Lazy Day Publishing's Anthology called 'Indulgence, Tales of the Cirque Romani'. and if you can believe it, a couple of quick hot stories that i literally forgot I had on my laptop. (Yes, i am that forgetful and these are done! LOL)...Not sure what i'm going to do with these yet, but I have the feeling you'll like them a lot.

Miss you all and I'll be later on the week! Be good!!!

Meantime...Here's some eye candy for you...

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