Monday, October 10, 2011

Cover gods have arrived for Indulgence, a new website , and an excerpt...

Hi everyone!!!

Been up to lots of things. Fall is typically busy for me.

First up, I have a website:!
So check in when you can for updates.

Also, here is the cover for 'Indulenge: Tales of the Cirque Romani' that will be published by Lazy Day Publishing on Oct. 19th. I'm beyond proud to be part of anthology with Ava Riley, Alta Hensley, JM Kelley, George Pappas, Wade Jeeper, Liz Borino, Amy Leblanc, Elizabeth Thorne and Rae Spencer.

These collection of stories follows a traveling circus troupe, called Cirque Romani and their various performers.

My contribution is called 'Coming Home,' and here is a rather sexy excerpt, Enjoy!!!

His taste was better than she remembered. It was sweet and warm. His tongue explored every part of her mouth, reuniting the two of them into a state of renewed bliss. He continued to kiss her passionately, moving from her mouth and down her bare neck, their mingled scents were putting them both into such a state of arousal that neither one of them could leave now if they wanted to.
They got up and walked into the family room where the fire Jon started before dinner illuminated the room. He led her toward the couch, where the two of them continued their foreplay. It was as if nothing had changed between them. She began to unbutton his shirt. Touching his smooth, tanned skin only fueled her fervent need for him.
As he gently lay her down on the couch, he asked, “Are you sure?” He climbed on top of her, his lean frame, enjoying the feel of her petite body underneath him.

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