Monday, August 20, 2012

I have missed you all.

I have so much going on that once again, i have neglected my blog. (Bad author). Have a lot of news to share so here it goes. First off, over the next few days, i'll be unveiling my official website! Special thanks go to my webmistress Becky who will be helping me update it regularly. Also, this beginning this Saturday, I'm proud to be chosen as a part of a great group of authors that will be contributing bi-weekly to a project we call "The Weekend Flash" Join myself, newcomer Riley Ross, Tigris_Eden, Ava Riley, Melissa Ecker, KT Grant, Savannah Chase and others in quick sexy uber quick stories to peak your reading interests. Another thing is.....And this is major...I'll be regular contributor to Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Which is a serialized monthly ebook including myself, Riley Ross, Tigris Eden and others for .99 available on debuting on Sept 1st. They'll be a lot more about this great project in the days to come including a awesome blog tour! So be sure to check it out. For now,here's what we're offering. Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories has a little of everything. From your everyday Contemporary Romance (The Getaway) To your Hot and Heavy Rockers turned Werewolves (Crave) and your Sci-Fi Paranormal with Erotic overtones…. (The Genesis Project) Each Episode will entice its readers, draw them in. A quick Bedtime story before they dream, keeping them pleasantly satisfied while peaking their interests for next month’s installment. All for 99 cents. During the interim there will be previews of next month’s Episode… That's all i have for now....Will be blogging again soon

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