Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's been awhile.

Mood: Relieved/Grateful
Listening to: Only Lonely by Bon Jovi

Because of work and other things going on in my life i haven't been able to update this blog as much as i'd like to.

But today was a good day.
Some of my readers may know that i was pretty sick for a bit and had a procedure to shrink a large mass that covered most of my abdomen.

Well six months after the procedure and a couple of follow ups appointments w/the radiation team, I was happy to learn that the non-cancerous mass has shrunk a great deal so I will not be needing surgery.

Relieved and grateful for the Dr's and staff who treated me over the last few months. Thank you for everything.

During all of this, I was writing. In fact a lot. Mail Order Groom is going well. I wrote a short piece called The Last Night that's pretty cool, I think.

And on the line is on hold, may make that a young adult story after some advice from my CP awhile ago.

Anyways, i thought i'd share a little of Mail Order Groom w/you. Rough...But here's an excerpt. Enjoy!!!


Feeling as if someone had removed the last shred of optimism she attempted to hold onto for the day, Jessica Brooke turned towards the aging tow truck driver and asked.

“Is there anything else that can go wrong for me today? “

His weathered face focused on the road, the tow truck driver hid any sympathy he had for the young scientist as she continued to whine about her lifetime tolls.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to understand where she was coming from but, at 8:45 in the morning, sleep had not yet removed itself from his sky blue eyes that were concealed rather nicely by a pair of Ray Bans.

She scanned through the morning’s events in her head. Seemingly in a state of disbelief at the series of events that had all occurred within a span of ninety minutes.

“First, I wake up late thanks in part to my dear, sweet, boyfriend who decided that he wanted to stay overnight. Usually when he does that, I tend to forget to set the alarm clock. Then, after jolting out of bed after 8, I jump into the shower only to find out that my pipes are frozen solid.”

The tow truck driver stared vacantly at her for several seconds before turning his concentration back onto the road. For his own sanity, he realized that saying nothing would be better than saying something. One wrong word from this one would only make her rant and simmering wrath worse than he wanted to get into at such an early hour.

Praying for any kind of acknowledgement from the driver, Jessica continued to spew her venom.
“So with no water at all, I decided to go to work early and work on some of my notes before this big presentation I have this afternoon. I go, grab my banana, laptop and keys. Check the time, it was then 8:30 which to be honest, wasn’t that bad all things considered. Then, I go, put my keys in the ignition and that is when the car wouldn’t start. Not even an engine turnover. I knew I was in trouble the minute that red ass battery light came on! And then that brings me here with you.”

He was relieved when he saw the automatic gates opened slowly at the Edison Energy plant. The seven minute ride was as aggravating as nails on a chalk board. The quicker he dropped her off, the quicker the morning silence would return.