Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My poor blog. Some updates

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is well.

Here in New York the weather has been great this entire winter.

I've been so busy talking to people on twitter (i'm @bedofroses2001) and on FB that a reader/good friend of mine reminded me that i needed to post an update.

She was right. I can't believe i haven't posted anything since Jan and apologize.

I didn't know whether or not to vlog or actually write out a blog this time around so i decided to write for now since i'm back in writing mode.

First off, a lot of you want to know when the sequel of By Sunset,will be done.
Answer? By Moonlight, which is the sequel's name has a lot of work to be on it. The story itself is done, but there a lot of things that I need to fix on it. I really want all of you to connect with these characters and understand why certain things will happen the way they do, in particular with certain characters.

All i'll say is some characters who return for the second book aren't who they seemed to be in the first book and vice versa.
You all will be introduced to some new characters in By Moonlight, in particular Caleb and Markkos, younger brother, Tristan.

To say Tristan isn't fun to write for is an understatement. Characters like this make my job and imagination go wild.

Another story i'm polishing up is Mail Order Groom. I love this story, its probably the longest piece that i've ever done and i'm fleshing it out and revising it a bit before my CP's get it.
And for people who have also asked, yes. Kelly will get her own story also. Don't have a name for it yet, but it have Kelly's typical dry wit all over it.

I still have also some shorter fantasy(Dragon Races shorts) that i think i'm going to self-pub so that all of you can be introduced to the new characters and get a feel for them.

And finally, remember that Wereshifter story i've talked about? Well, the first book is called Crave and its half done.

It was my National Writing Month project.

All i'll say about that is involves, Rock Stars, Wereshifters and Vamps...

Talk to you all soon. And please drop me a line on my fan page (which is close to 100) and on twitter..

Take care.