Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An WIP excerpt

Hi everyone! Been busy with a ton of stuff as usual. But I'd thought that i'd share an excerpt of a WIP that i've been working on for a bit.

Its the first of a paranormal/fantasy tale focusing on two royal families that are bounded together by both hated and love for Dragon Racing.

This excerpt is a conservation between Lady Elena and her father Reddick. Reddick is one of the elders of Gaia and is one of the races judges.


Since, the race was moments from now, Elena, decided to talk to her father while they walk towards Council Hall.
She was wearing a light purple dress with silver lace trimmed on its long sleeves, jeweled bodice and long train.
She wore the pink and black diamond engagement necklace draped in silver that Julian gave her along with a simple silver headdress given to her by father.

As the youngest elder of the High Council met his daughter in the middle of the corridor, Reddick smiled at her proudly. He approved of his future son-in-law a great deal. Julian reminded him of the way he was with Elena’s mother during their courtship. Intense, flirtatious, and loving.
He could sense her concern as she approached. Their strong intuition could be both a blessing and curse. As much he loved Julian and his daughter with him, he knew from what he saw in her future, there would always be danger.
For his family’s sake, Reddick decided to not interfere and let the young ones chart their own destiny. He had hoped his visions were wrong.
Kissing her gently on the cheek, he greeted her
“My darling, you look beautiful.”
“Thank you Father.”
The two began to walk towards the Council Hall.
“Father, I come to you with concern for my love’s safety.”
Reddick held his daughter’s hand in an attempt to reassure her. “Elena, now you know as well as I do that the races are by are dangerous.”

“But the visions I’ve been having father are much more frightening than a race course. Can you tell me where the assets are?”
Reddick shook his head. His hazel eyes flared. “No, I cannot. You know the rules.”
“Wherever the destination is…There are buildings on fire and people, earthlings I do believe that are dying or will.”
“Did you tell Julian of your concerns, darling?”
She nodded. “Yes. He’s insistent on running the race.”
Reddick smirked. “It figures. His family’ royal stones are what he needs to retrieve and bring back here before Caleb does.”
She was shocked at her father’s attitude.
“And Caleb? You’re not concerned about him wanting to hurt Julian or Olivia because of Hera?”
Reddick stopped dead in his tracks. He turned towards Elena, who appeared to be frustrated by everyone’s lack of apprehension.
“If he tries to hurt Olivia or Julian, he’s dead. It is that simple.”

“Is it? Besides our family, aren’t the Tacorians one of the most wealthiest in the galaxy? It would take nothing for him to bribe some of the other elders into taking Caleb’s side.”
Reddick was angry. He refused to listen to his daughter speak with disrespect about the other elders in this fashion. Since his father, the former Emperor of Gaia, died several years ago, the High Council hand-picked by Reddick would govern the galaxy with neutrality. Anyone caught taking a bribe would be subject to a lifetime prison sentence.
“Take it back Elena! They would not!”
Elena shook her head. “I won’t father! Whatever Valorian wants, he gets. Julian told me that his family is borrowing money from Valorian now to simply run the day-to-day functions of their kingdom. “
Reddick looked blankly at her.
“You didn’t know? Everytime Valorian jumps; the High Council jumps with him. “
Reddick shook his head in disbelief.
“Not true!”

“It is true! Think that if Caleb kills Julian or Olivia for Hera he’ll go free? I do!”
“Elena stop!” Reddick yelled
Her pleas rang throughout the hall.
“Father, you know I’m right. If Caleb hurts Julian or Olivia you all have to sentence him to death.”
Reddick began to walk again towards the launch pad.
“Julian will be your son-in-law! I have never asked you for special treatment on his behalf because if he knew I went to you, he’d never take it! But I am begging you to sentence Caleb if he hurts him…Please!” She cried as turned around and walked the opposite way and up the balcony steps of the Council Hall.
Reddick looked up at her as she watched him now over the balcony. As the crowd, began to fill the hall. He closed his eyes. ‘What would you do if we didn’t sentence him Elena?’ he asked her in silence.
She stood there blankly touching her necklace.
He opened his eyes. He got his answer with a glance so chilling that he did briefly have to consider her concerns for her future husband.

‘Revenge doesn’t suit you well daughter. Not at all.’ He thought.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Pick me up.

I don't have much to say these days, so i think i'll just let this picture of Joe say it all!