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Me, Caleb and Olivia are talking w/Tigris!

Happy Friday everyone!

Please join me, Caleb and Olivia today over at the awesome Tigris Eden's blog.

Link is here!

She and I talk about all things By Sunset and she was also brave enough to interview both Caleb and Olivia.

I'm also giving away a copy of By Sunset to random reader.
You all have until Jan. 31. to comment on Tigris' Blog.

Bless her! I know she needed a drink when she interviewed them! hahaha


Friday, January 21, 2011

Excerpt from WIP-Sweet Dreams

Saying hi from the writing cave!

Since I haven't been blogging a lot, (Bad writer in me! Sorry ! I haven't been twitter for that matter either )I wanted to share with all of you one of the stories that i have been working on.

Besides, writing By Moonlight, I've been working on very erotic series that centers around a dating website called 'A Foreign Affair.'

Not your typical dating website, 'A Foreign Affair,' also not specializes people who are interested in dating, or getting serious...But also, mail-order grooms!!!

hahahaha. YES I'VE MEANT that... (i know some of you single ladies are going...ooh yeah!! LOL)

The series is one that i'm quite proud of as my Critique Partners and lovely Betas will tell you.
It's a fun, light very hot contemporary story.

The first story from the 'A Foreign Affair' series is called "Sweet Dreams".
It's about a bakery owner named Beth who invites a friend she met from 'A Foreign Affair's' website named Yuri, o New York City for a very sexy and memorable weekend.

Although the snippet i'm about to share isn't one of the hot ones, the story is quite hot as it goes along.

Time to introduce Beth and Yuri. Read for yourselves and let me know what you think of them.

Here is Chapter One of Sweet Dreams. TTYS-xoxo!

Beth couldn’t help but to stare at her computer screen. While the cursor flashed, she could feel her hands tremble at the slightest touch of the keyboard.

She had no idea why her fingers found themselves frozen while attempting to touch a key or click her mouse. All she was doing was replying to an email like she had done so many times with him before.
The two of them had talked pretty much now on a daily basis. Discussing everything from books to how they were going to pay their bills for the next month.
But this time, things were a bit different. Finally after months of online chatting, and emails. It was time for her to invite Yuri here to visit her in New York.
They had met about six months ago through a website dating site called ‘A Foreign Affair’.
As the owner of successful bakery/café, called Sweet Dreams, Beth worked long hours but never had time to pursue the dating scene like she wanted.
She was very attractive, but found the people she was meeting traditionally or though friends either to be just not the type of person she’d want to continue seeing or, perfect on paper, yet intimidated by her success and the long hours she kept.
Her last relationship, a brief affair with a coffee vendor she had met while working was one of the most serious relationships she had experienced in a while.
She had thought that due to the nature of both their businesses that Keith could sympathize about the long hours it took to run a bakery and café each day.
He didn’t.
Trying to compromise, the two decided to break it off, but amicably. Both were at different points in their life and it didn’t quite seem that time was on their sides when the two of them came together.
He wanted a nine to five woman. One who could work and have a family. She wanted romance, adventure and someone who would understand if she needed to get up at 4:30 in the morning or if she stayed up until 2 or 3 a.m. obsessing over a menu. This was her dream. The one thing she had worked very hard for. She would have been there for Keith if he had let her.
Scanning the internet one very early morning after closing up the bakery, Beth came upon an online dating site called ‘A Foreign Affair.’
Since she had gone to culinary arts school in Paris to become a pastry chef, she had always loved the culture and the appeal of a European man.
Reminiscing about the first time she met Yuri online, she found herself minimizing the blank email screen for bit, while clicking onto ‘A Foreign Affair’s’ website.
The familiar blue passport welcoming all ‘visitors’ popped up on her screen. Deciding to login, she typed in her username and password that was located in the upper left hand corner of the site.
Gradually the passport neatly folded itself up, and welcomed her with a virtual postcard that had her username and an inbox full of messages.
She hadn’t been on the site in a couple of days and was amazed at the amount of personal messages that had accrued in her box.
Curious, she clicked onto the virtual stamp that contained the messages.
Some were from different friends that she would talk to every now and then, but most of them were from Yuri.
Clicking on one of them, this particular one from a couple of nights earlier read,
‘Hi, where have you been? I miss you so much. Write to me soon-Y.’
Her blue eyes narrowed while one her index finger wrapped her one of her long red strands of hair around her ear revealing one of the diamond stud earrings he had sent her as a gift recently.
She knew she must stop procrastinating. She really wanted him here, and knew what she wanted from him would change both of their lives forever.
Taking a deep breath, she moved her mouse over the next message by him and clicked it. This one was from several hours ago.
‘Beth, I hope you’re okay. I miss you so much when you’re not around. Even though I have friends and all kinds of people around me, I can’t help but to feel empty. I so wish that you can meet all the people in my life that make me just as happy as you do. Hopefully, by the time you see this, I’ll be on echat. Message me okay?-Y’
She could hear and feel the intensity of his voice as the words play in her head with that deep accent while she re-read his words. Longing for any sign of her.
The two of them had been used to talking for several hours at a time. Whether it was sending posts back and forth on an ‘A Foreign Affair’ or chatting via webcam on echat.
She loved how he listened to her talk about her day, at times wondering if all her talk of baking pies and concocting the perfect peppermint latte bored him to tears.
Re-reading his note, she could hear his deep voice, pleading with her to contact him with any news, each word making her pussy drip wet with desire.
Gaining her nerve back, she saved his message with all the other ones he had sent her in her saved box and exited the website.
Instead of an email, she looked at her watch.
‘He’d still be up. I’ll see if he’s on echat.’ She thought, as she opened up her echat icon and logged in.
Despite her being the only one in her bedroom. She found herself smoothing back her unruly mass of red curls and glancing at the reflection of her laptop from the lamp in her nighstand.
She knew he wouldn’t care what she looked like, but always no matter how late it was wanted to make herself presentable for him. Something that she had never done with any other man.
Echat was taking a very long time to log into for some reason. While she waiting for the logging in sign to stop blinking at her, she decided to grab a glass of water from the bathroom and putting on a pair of pink pajama shorts and baby blue tank top.
Coming back a couple of minutes later, she could hear a faint voice reply.
“Great ass!”
She turned around slowly giggling to herself, that from the angle of her webcam, he could see what she wore and what she was doing.

“Oops. Thought I’d get something to drink before you logged on.” She told him while walking back to her bedroom sitting down at her computer desk. The laptop’s light was the only light in the room.
He was gorgeous. His long, straight brown hair that was normally in a ponytail cascaded around his chiseled face.
Her blue eyes danced while he waved excitedly at her from his webcam.
She smiled back and waved to him.
“You’re fine Beth. We had a storm blow through earlier; I think it slowed the connection a bit. How are you?” he asked her, his Russian accent only slightly filtering through.
She nervously played with her red curls. “I’m tired. Good though. Been busy.” She said all the while nodding as she explained to him what was happening.
“Bakery is going well right?” he asked. Seeming concerned, his eyes narrowed a bit before he continued. “You haven’t been on in a couple of days.”
She began to feel the butterflies fluttering wildly in the pit of her stomach. She needed her hands to do something due to them beginning to shake so much, so she plopped both hands in front of her, mildly tapping on the front of her desk.

“Actually Sweet Dreams is doing fantastic. I can’t be happier or more exhausted. “
Yuri seemed relieved. She could see he took a deep breath and leaned against his chair. He was wearing a white tank, and what looked like a pair of black sweats.
She couldn’t help but to look at his arms. Every muscle from his shoulders to biceps was defined to perfection. The tank fit seemingly fit his narrow torso like a glove and even though she couldn’t quite see his legs. She remembered from when they first chatting via echat in early spring how strong his legs and thighs were.
She had spent many nights fantasizing what’d be like to touch them, knead them, pull down those sweats he so loved to wear so that his huge cock that every so often teased her with an excited bulge here and there could finally pop out to be ridden by her hard for hours on end.
“Beth? Beth?” Yuri asked as he tried to get her attention.
His voice woke her up from her little fantasy and she shook her head. “Oh wow. I’m sorry. Must have just zonked out for a bit.”
It was a seven hour time difference. He wasn’t really surprised. He snickered. “You were a million miles away. You’re already far enough from me. I don’t want you being even further away.” He quipped.
She smiled. “Aww. I’m sorry Yuri. I got your messages on ‘A Foreign Affair’ I take it you've been looking for me?” She said pulling her hair away from her face.
“Yes. I just missed you. We usually talk everyday whether if it’s on the site or through echat or email. I got concerned because there was nothing.”
“I’m alive and well. I’ve been busy because my one of my assistant manager’s Reese is moving to New York City to study acting in another week and her replacement that she and I both have been training has been a little challenging.”
Yuri raised his eyebrows. His father used to run a bakery in Belarus before the Chernobyl nuclear disaster deemed his town and his father’s eatery uninhabitable. Even years later, he understood and respected how hard Beth worked. His father, although in his early seventies now, is still broken hearted over what was and could have been.
“I understand. My father ran a bakery here in Belarus for years before the nuclear disaster. I remember him training guys on register and baking bread. “
Beth smiled at him while he reminisced. ‘Damn, another thing in common.’ She thought to herself while Yuri continued to chat about his relationship with his father.
“I never knew that your dad owned a bakery. “She told him.
Raising his eyebrows, he thought that he had told her about his childhood and of his own time in a bakery.
“I didn’t tell you? I could have sworn I did. But yes, he did. He and my mother owned it for many years until the Chernobyl disaster. All the ash, the damage it caused ruined everything. Pop was heartbroken. He loved his customers, loved his work. The joy in his eyes when he opened the doors each morning will never be erased from my memory. Nor will his heartbreak. ”
“Oh Yuri, I’m so sorry. Didn’t he want to start again? Perhaps in another part of Russia?”
Yuri shook his head. “That bakery was home. My mother and I both tried to get him to re-open but he always refused. He said nothing felt as comfortable as our old place. The bakery was in the center of town and everyone would come in, say hi. Buy bread, cakes, cookies, pies. Pop made a point to talk to everyone. He loved his customers. It’s how we all met my best friend’s Nik and his parents. They were doctors and when the disaster struck they were in the middle of some of the highest concentrations of fallout. His father died very recently with cancer and his mother has now been diagnosed as terminal.”
The color went out of her pale skin. She sat motionless for several minutes. She couldn’t find the words while experiencing the hurt in his voice.
“I couldn’t imagine. I’m so sorry to hear about Nik. I know you said his parents were both sick but I didn’t know about his mother.”
Yuri shrugged. His lips turned into a straight line. “He’s like a brother to me. It’s hard for me to talk about. He’s been taking care of both of them. He’s not complaining, not angry. He’s just…”
“Maintaining?” she asked.
“I suppose. I couldn’t imagine losing a parent with an illness like that only to learn that your other parent is dying too. They were fairly young. They were so active. His mother can barely walk. Even though it happened so long ago I’m still angry for what that disaster still is doing to everyone.”
Finally getting up the nerve to ask him, she simply blurted out.
“Come visit me here in New York.”
He looked at her blankly for a minute. He needed some time to process what she had just said.
“New York?”
She nodded. “Yes. I’ll pay. It’s for the weekend. You’re no longer a nightclub owner. Sounds like you need a change of pace and I do too. A nice break in the city would be great. “
“I’ve never been to New York.”
She began to smile. “It’s great. The city is so beautiful. Especially this time of year. We could go see a play or see the Statue of Liberty.”
Yuri smiled. “I couldn’t let you pay. I’ll be fine here.”
“Yuri, it’s my treat. I want to see you. Be with you. Share a part of me like you just did with me.”
He was still reluctant. He couldn’t have her pay as much as she wanted to but also knew that ‘A Foreign Affair’ did have visitor packages for couple who wanted to spend more time together available.
“Beth, are you sure?”
She felt better. She was steadfast. She was comfortable. “Yes. I’m sure. I want to. We have the visitor packages from ‘A Foreign Affair’. I’ll pay get a discount on that hot new hotel called Indigo and make all the reservations. It’ll be fun!”
He did want to see her. She was beautiful. He was getting tired of talking to her from a webcam, and the short break was needed. Since the nightclub he ran was destroyed by a fire, n, he was not only unemployed, but had no clue on which direction he wanted to towards next.
He clenched his jaw tightly. He had a feeling that this little break would be the most important weekend of his life…

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, new stories.

Hi everyone, i hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season as much as i did.

I've been watching movies, eating (sigh. back to dieting...) and reading on my new kindle.

New website is nearly ready. And for now, since this is a new year, new stories are being written as we speak so you won't see me as much.

I do have some interviews that you will see later on this month.

1st one is up today, by the awesome Melanie Vantour which if you want to know some cool facts about me, you can click this link

The others will be up later on in the month with Tigris Eden which i'm giving away a free copy of By Sunset and another interview with Lisa Stull.

In between all of this, i'll be giving you all sneak peaks of two stories i'm writing, one's an erotic contemporary story called 'Sweet Dreams' the other is By Sunset's sequel, 'By Moonlight.'

Till then, please let me know what you think of By Sunset.

Talk to you soon.