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A Talk about how Monogamy Sucks!!!

Continuing to introduce you to some of my Lazy Day Publishing peers, George Pappas' Monogamy Sucks introduces us to Jake Dalmas and his sexy adventures.
George has become another great friend that I've made and here he is!

Welcome to the blog George

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a Los Angeles-based novelist, blogger, poet, freelance public relations consultant and former newspaper reporter. Monogamy Sucks is my second novel. I launched the first six chapters of my novel on my blog in summer 2010 after more than 12 years of writing and researching my work. I am a lifelong resident of southern California and have been writing fiction since I was 15.
What can you tell the readers about Monogamy Sucks.
Monogamy Sucks is an erotic fiction novel exploring a Long Beach, Calif. man’s sexy, humorous and intriguing adventures into the swinging lifestyle. The book is told in the form of a fictional diary by the book’s protagonist Jake Dalmas, who is searching for answers and solutions for his frustration and boredom with conventional relationships and monogamy. Along the way, he discovers some of the truth behind the myths and common misconceptions about swingers and the swinging community.
You have said you share some similarities with your main character Jake, tell us about them and why do you decided to write this story.
Well, I went through a similar monogamy and relationship crisis , which led me on my own interesting journey into the swinging lifestyle in the mid to late 1990s. My novel is loosely based on my experiences, but this is also a fictional account and not a memoir. I took liberties in describing a number of real life events and created others to emphasize the humorous aspects of my character Jake Dalmas’ adventures.
Jake says a lot things that I wouldn’t. He comes from the darker side my personality you could say. Jake doesn’t hold back in any way in talking about sex, relationships or monogamy, but he’s not ugly or disrespectful to women in his sentiments.
I recently created a Twitter account for my book’s protagonist -- @jakedalmas -- so I could explore his views on sex, relationships and monogamy in real time without turning off the followers of my author Twitter account. I wanted people to separate my character’s views from my own on Twitter. It has been very useful.

I know you have a background in Public Relations and are also a journalist, did any of those experiences shape this book or any of your previous stories?

One of the more intriguing chapters in my book happened at PR firm that I worked at. LOL
Aside from that, the ability to tell stories in a descriptive but direct manner, which I learned as a journalist, helped a lot in developing my novel’s straightforward style. I am able to effectively cut right to the heart of a scene, which is what you have to do as a features reporter. My public relations background didn’t have an impact on the writing of my novel, but only in the promotion side of it. It has helped immensely having PR experience in knowing how to publicize my novel. In fact, I believe it was my tweeting about my blog and novel, that has led to the Lazy Day opportunity and has brought my book to the attention to a number of potential readers, many who are fellow writers.

Do your friends and family know you are about to be a published author?

Oh yes. My family and friends have known about my book from the beginning even though they didn’t actually see it until I launched the first six chapters on my blog. They were as thrilled as I was when I received the offer from Lazy Day Publishing to publish my book.

Explain your writing process. How long do write for? Do you write in the morning? Evening?

I typically write late in the evening. It is the best time for me to collect my thoughts and focus. But really I am writing all the time. Ideas for chapters, new books, stories will come to me during long walks at the ocean or while I am sitting in a Starbucks.

Who are some of your influences?

Some of my main influences for this novel were Henry Miller (Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn), Anais Nin (Henry and June, her diaries), Charles Bukowski (Women, Post Office, all of his poetry), Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Less Than Zero), and Armistead Maupin (Tales of the City). They were fearless in delving into controversial sexual and societal issues in a frank, unsentimental manner exposing truth and hypocrisy alike.

Do you listen to music when you write? Any must haves on the playlist?

Actually, I do listen to lot music on my iPod when I write. My tastes are very eclectic from old blues and jazz, to every kind of rock and roll and modern musical genre you can imagine. No must haves on the playlist, though. I am open to all kinds of music and artists.
In fact, music played a big role in the development of Monogamy Sucks. The unofficial theme song for Monogamy Sucks is Naughty by Nature’s hip-hop classic from the 1990s “OPP.” “Are you down with OPP?” was a title of chapter for a while, but I later changed it. Techno music and references to songs from Prince and Bob Seger also figure in key scenes in my novel. So it is safe to say music inspires all facets of my creative process.

What made you want to be a writer? When did you know that this is what you wanted to do?

I’ve always been interested in telling stories from a young age. When I was younger, I wrote a lot Science Fiction short stories. I wrote my first novel by hand when I was 15. It was a 70-page Science Fiction story called Jake’s War. I always knew I wanted to be a writer in some capacity. I went into journalism and later public relations after college, but I always knew I would return to writing fiction someday.

Why Lazy Day publishing as opposed to another publisher?

Well, Lazy Day Publishing found me. I had no intention of seeking out a traditional publisher for Monogamy Sucks after my bad experience of trying to find an agent and publisher for my first novel. I put the first six chapters of Monogamy Sucks out on my blog and figured eventually I would bring it out myself, but Lazy Day spared me that possibility when they contacted me on my blog with an offer to publish my novel last July.

What was your reaction when you got the “call?”

It was e-mail, not a call, but I was stunned when Staci Helling, co owner of Lazy Day Publishing, informed me that they wanted to publish my manuscript. I was awe stuck and it took a while to sink in. It had taken almost 13 years to reach this point. I still can’t believe it sometimes.

What are some of the things that you are working on now?

I have written another novel and I am currently editing it. This novel has a provocative celebrity angle, but it is not directly about the particular celebrity and it focuses on the romantic, erotic adventures of a man in his late twenties. I can’t reveal much more than that right now.
I am also nine chapters into the sequel of Monogamy Sucks, which picks up six months after where the first novel ends. I am eventually looking to turn Jake Dalmas’ erotic adventures into a trilogy of books.

Any advice that you want to give any author?

Don’t wait to be discovered. Get your work out there on the Internet. Don’t leave your book in your computer or laptop because you’re worried about what others might think. We truly are not the best judge of our own work. Find your own readers, fans and supporters. Be your own agent for change. Also learn the ins and outs of book promotion and explore social marketing. Get on Twitter and build up your Twitter contacts, and followers. Twitter is a great resource for meeting other writers and finding potential readers. Create a Facebook fan page and ask your Facebook friends to be fans. Blog about your book and tweet about it on a regular basis. Write guest blogs on writers’ and publishers’ blogs. Comment on other blogs, too.
This is an amazing time to be an aspiring writer with the rise of social networking and blogs. Use that resource as an opportunity to create your own big break. It has worked for me.

Twitter: @gpwriter @jakedalmas
Blog: http:\\www.monogamysucks.wordpress.com
Publisher: http:\\www.lazydaypub.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Monogamy-Sucks-An-Erotic-Fiction-Novel/171812426178729?v=wall

Thanks George!

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Interview w/JM Kelley

I love my good friend and peer from Lazy Day Publishing's JM Kelley's writing so much that I had to have her on my blog.

Her romance, Drew in Blue also launches this Wed, Dec 1st. I had a blast talking to her and today she shares a little bit of herself and introduces us to Drew Doyle, her main character of Drew in Blue!

Welcome to my blog today.
Thanks so much for having me here as a guest!

Tell us about yourself?

A lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, I am a writer of love stories, a painter, a painfully bad knitter, and a photographer – if the pursuit is artistic, chances are I’ve dabbled in it.

After a lengthy break that included adventures in accounting and coffee distribution, I returned to my passion for writing with that old adage write what you know whispering from the deep recesses of my mind. I realized that I know how to read a book on a moving skateboard, that if you’re riding shotgun in a pick-up truck, ‘mud’ can be used as a verb, Amish traffic jams can wreak havoc on your morning commute, and Hog Maw is not to be experienced by the faint of heart.

While this list of knowledge seemed random and borderline nonsensical, it led me to one rock-solid conclusion: life in the Keystone State is a rich and endless source of inspiration. And so, I sat down in front of my laptop and began to piece together a story about life in small-town Pennsylvania – something I know a thing or two about.

Tell us about Drew in Blue? What was the inspiration for it?
Drew Doyle is a thirty-six year old loner unexpectedly saddled with the task of raising a baby while trying to sort out his mess of a life. Problem is, he just keeps making things worse for himself. It’s a running theme in Drew’s life, considering he never does anything the easy way. The River’s View, Pennsylvania gossip mill is watching each misstep as Drew juggles a price-gouging babysitter, a major case of artist’s block, and a best friend with an opinion to share on every bungled choice he makes.
His love life isn’t faring much better. Despite a long history of relationships that never really get off the ground, Drew falls head over heels for someone new, hoping she might be the one to end his romantic bad luck streak. After a few abysmally bad false starts, things finally start looking up. That is, until he finds out (the hard way, naturally) that his new love interest isn’t the one for him after all. Turns out it’s actually lifelong pal and high school girlfriend, Kristina Moser.
Drew’s feelings for Kris intensify as he witnesses her growing bond with his son and he finally realizes where he belongs. Now all he has to do is convince Kris he’s right… and she’s just not buying it.

Now, where did Drew In Blue come from? Well, I love male characters. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, so I identify more with the guys. Often in books, you find male leads suffering from too-good-to-be-true syndrome, and I’ve always craved stories about flawed men with good hearts. I want to see them make honest mistakes. I want them to not always say the right thing. And that’s where Drew came in. Drew is far from perfect, but he has a good heart. Imperfection presents so many plot possibilities, as far as I’m concerned.

Who’s your favorite character in the story and why?
That’s such a difficult question for me, because I love Drew so much. He’s been a great guy, very patient with my nitpicky writing ways. I miss our nightly chats as I was writing Drew In Blue. I sway back and forth between him and Kris, but I think I have to pick Kris. Mostly because Kris was originally intended to be a background character, kind of like Drew’s personal Greek chorus. But that girl is stubborn, and she refused to settle for being a tertiary character. As an actual player in the story, I love her strength, her outspokenness, and her sense of self. She doesn’t compromise who she is for anybody. Her heart is her guide, and her loyalty is fierce. I’d love to have her chutzpah.

When you write do you write about people you know, or it about any experiences you may have had or friends?
I think it colors my characters and my stories at times, but I doubt it’s enough that anybody would catch it. I am inspired by a particular nuance of someone’s personality, or an aspect of a situation. I may see somebody’s smile in my head when I’m forming a character’s appearance, but that’s about as far as the borrowing from life goes.
At the same time, my work in progress is very much awash in memories of my father. While the story isn’t actually about him, some of the themes are definitely my way of working out the pain of his loss. While he’s not present in the story, I think his spirit infiltrates my writing in that particular work, and he’s absolutely the inspiration for a particular character.

Who are you influences?

I have a weirdly mashed list of authors I call influences. Harper Lee is the biggest, because reading To Kill a Mockingbird as a child cemented my love of reading and writing forever. Stephen King is an influence, because I love the way his words flow. Toni McGee Causey is my guru of sassy writing. Joseph Heller is in the mix as well. The list fluctuates depending on the day of the week and what I’m reading.

Are there any talents that you have that would surprise your readers?
I’ve been to shooting ranges, and I’m a wicked good shot. Which is hilarious, because I really don’t know what I’m doing. Besides the part where you don’t point a loaded gun at another human, I mean.

Did you always want to be a writer? What made you decide to pursue it?
My school career was filled with secretive writing, interspersed with bouts of validation by teachers reading creative reading assignments aloud. After high school, life took over and I didn’t take time to nurture the writer within. After my dad died a few years back, I took it up again and began writing short stories. Of course, the love for writing grew again, and I didn’t want to stop. After my employer downsized, I was able to find time to write when I wasn’t sending out resumes, and because of that free time, I finally was able to pen Drew In Blue, the novel I always wanted to write.

What’s your writing background?
My official writing background is being a Sagittarian with an incredibly over-active imagination.

My short story, Killing Me Softly, earned a first place finish in the In Other Words Competition at the 2010 Pennwriters Conference, and my non-fiction piece, Anniversary, earned a Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Award at the 2010 South Carolina Writers Workshop Conference.

Do you write every day? Do you have a writing ritual?
I’ve taken my mid-work in progress break right now while I prepare for Drew In Blue’s publication. I seem to have a tendency to get to the halfway point and need to step away for a bit. Refresh the thought process. I take a notebook everywhere with me, and jot down ideas, scenes, and some free-associative writing that tests some plot advancements. I’ll be a good girl and get back to writing more aggressively in December, I swear it.
In general though, I’m a night owl. My best ideas hit at 3 a.m., which is hell on the internal clock, but what can you do but submit to the muse?

Why did you choose Lazy Day Publishing?
I just got a positive vibe from Lazy Day. I can’t really explain it. My dear friend Laurie felt the same when I showed her the site. Discussing the situation, we both felt the same-good juju here. I decided to go with my gut, and have no regrets. They’ve been incredibly supportive and the fact that I was able to share my vision for my book cover and have a publisher listen to my input is just amazing.

Where were you when you got the ‘call’?
I was rushing around doing other errands and opened an email expecting my daily rejection. Then my jaw hit the ground when I saw that lovely ‘yes’ inside. I messaged a friend on AIM and freaked out! Still haven’t come down off that cloud yet.

What advice would you give to any aspiring author?
Keep on keeping on. If you have faith in your writing, don’t give up. But be open to change. Recognize when you need to take a different approach to make your words shine. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to take a step back and see that what I thought was my finished manuscript needed work. But it paid off in the end.

Abandoned by his mother and delivered into the arms of the father who deserted him first – the world carried an awfully big grudge against such a little guy.

“Kid, you’ve got rotten luck,” I said. I squatted next to the car seat he occupied, my knees cracking on the way down like trampled twigs. The baby’s cries intensified when I reached out my hand to tentatively stroke one of the clenched fists shaking with the force of his fury.

Tears fought their way past eyelids he’d squeezed shut. They snaked down his sallow cheeks, pausing at the corners of his open mouth before continuing on and disappearing beneath his quivering chin.

I glanced over my shoulder when I heard a screen door slap against its wooden frame. My next-door neighbor stepped out onto his porch and placed his hands on his hips before turning in my direction. It was late, and the residents of my street, mostly retirees, expected quiet nights. I couldn’t see his face, but it didn’t matter – nobody else was around to earn the annoyance his posture projected. Instead of acknowledging his presence and my obvious role in disturbing the peace, I turned back to the caterwauling baby before me.

This was my son. Nicholas Embry Doyle. Illegitimate offspring of me, Drew Doyle, and Allison Embry – the woman who’d, just moments before, dumped him on me before speeding off in a car driven by a man with so many tattoos and piercings that my initial theory of her running off to join the circus carried some serious merit.

“I don’t want it,” she said when she thrust the handle of the car seat into my hands and dropped a bag of the baby’s belongings to the porch steps. “I can’t deal with it. I don’t want it. Take it.” As if he was a thing. An object. Not her own child.

Allison’s dark hair stuck out in frizzed clumps and her eyes darted from side to side. She stood rigid and trembling, like a caged animal. In the shadowed confines of my porch, her dilated pupils, black voids obscuring any hint of the usual pale blue, amplified her feral appearance. I suspected she’d been smoking pot or something more potent. She’d never taken drugs in front of me, but I’d taken note of the sweet, pungent odor of marijuana clinging to the furniture in her apartment in the few instances I’d been there. I didn’t question her about it.

It’s not like what she did ever mattered to me, anyway. We weren’t exactly close. I met her in a bar over in Finchesburg. The town is about a half hour’s drive due east from my hometown of River’s View, Pennsylvania – a veritable wasteland of German heritage and backwoods Appalachian dimwittedness.

Allison and I did the deed a few times and moved on. When she called me two months later, I couldn’t place her voice. When she told me she’d taken a pregnancy test and the results were positive, I’d wished I’d never met her.

Turns out the ninety-eight percent efficiency rate on the back of the condom box isn’t the number you need to be paying attention to – it’s that two percent failure rate that bites you in the ass when you least expect it.

“You look like hell,” I said to Nicholas, fumbling with the complicated latch holding him in his seat.

At the age of … what, four months old? He was too small. I pictured babies with round, apple-red cheeks and pot bellies. Nicholas may as well have been constructed of toothpicks. After a brief struggle to extricate him from the car seat, I was caught off guard by his slight, scrawny frame. I’d lifted heavier bags of marshmallows in my life.

This wasn’t our first meeting. Allison had called when the baby was born, and I visited them in the hospital. He was gaunt then, too. She’d handed the swaddled bundle of wrinkled, purplish-colored infant to me, and I stared at him while he screamed and writhed. His head wobbled when I tried to position him in my arms, and I nearly dropped him to the floor. Something about that egregious error had made it okay to write out a check right before I walked out of their lives.

He deserved better than me. She was supposed to have given him better.

I rested the baby on my shoulder and offered him an awkward pat on the back. Beneath his dirty t-shirt, the bony protrusions I encountered when I strummed my fingers down his torso elicited a shudder.

“Shit.” I collapsed to the porch, my shaking knees too weak to support my own weight any longer. The gravity of the situation finally hit me, like a bullet between the eyes. “I’m sorry,” I whispered. His cries diminished and he whimpered into my neck, exhaustion gaining the upper hand.

This was the kid I’d left behind. The kid I didn’t want to complicate my life. And I’d left him in the care of a woman I barely knew, assuming she’d do the work in my place.

She didn’t. One glance at the kid was all the proof I needed.

My stomach gurgled. Nicholas lifted his teetering head and stared at me, confused by the wet, menacing growls coming from within me. He either lost interest or used up too much energy and collapsed against my shoulder. I barely had time to deposit him back in the car seat before I had to scramble to the porch railing and empty the contents of my stomach into the bushes below.

Thanks Joann!

My website address is www.jmkelleywrites .com, and my blog, The Dirt, is located there.
My Facebook fanpage can be found at http://www.facebook.com/pages/JM-Kelley/108021242585994
And as if that isn’t enough, I’d love for everyone to join me on Goodreads at http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3164982
My Twitter handle is @JM_Kelley, and my main character, Drew Doyle has his own account as well. Pretty mouthy for a fictional person. His handle is @Drew_Doyle.

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Interview at Writing Insight

Hi all.

Sue London was nice enough to interview me for Blooming Authors. We talked writing, By Sunset and Lazy Day Publishing.

Link can be found here.

Also, i'll be posting JM Kelley's interview on Monday. It's fantastic and deserves to be seen. I adore her and you'll love Drew in Blue.

Till then, Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe, enjoy your weekend.


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Hi everyone!! Here it is!!!

Hi everyone. I'll be having my good friend JM Kelley on my blog tomorrow talking about her awesome release from Lazy Day called "Drew in Blue" but before i do.

I thought you'd all want to see my cover for By Sunset.

Also, i also did a guest post on lazy day's site today talking about By Sunset.
All of you can ck it out by clicking here.


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Interview w/Marissa Dobson

Hi everyone! Over the next few days, i'm going to have a couple people as guests on my blogs.

Today's guest is Marissa Dobson, book reviewer of Sizzling Hot Books!

Marissa, is not only now, a popular book reviewer, but also an author!
Today we talk about her contribution to Turquoise Morning Press's Christmas Anthology, "Believe".

Everyone say hi to Melissa!

Welcome Marissa

First off Congrats on being a part of this great anthology, a lot of us know you as a lover of books and also as a book reviewer, can you tell us a little about yourself?
First let me say thank you for having me. I am honored to be here, this is the first interview I have done as an author, and I am pleased it was here with you.
When it comes to me there isn’t much to tell. I am no where near as interesting as the characters I write about. I am just your average twenty something housewife with a reading fetish and an active imagination. I am originally from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, but moved away when I met my husband.

Can you tell us about your contribution to ‘Believe’ called ‘The Twelve Seductive Days of Christmas’?
Where did you get the idea for this story?
The Twelve Seductive Days of Christmas is a sweet romantic story. Jasmine has a rocky past, she has been burned by love and family before, and now she has a daughter to worry about. She isn't looking for anything, just a quiet place that she can raise her daughter.
On the other hand Logan Clarke fell in love with the mysterious Jasmine long ago, hearing stories from her grandmother. And now that Jasmine is finally here, he knows he’s in love for sure.
Snowbound in a cottage, twelve days before Christmas, does Logan have enough time to convince Jasmine of love at first sight? And can Jasmine let go of her past, and let Logan into her heart?
As for where did I get the idea…honestly it came to me one night while I was laying in bed wondering what I could write for the Christmas anthology. I wanted to contribute something to it but couldn’t think of something that I should write and keep under the word count. I had the idea for this story and thought I could make it work.

Have you always wanted to be an author? When did you know that it what you wanted to do?
Since I was a teenager have been writing down stories, and always dreamed of being published. However after I married I didn’t have as much time to indulge myself in writing. About a year ago a friend talked me into doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) with her and since then I can’t stop writing. I try hard to take the weekends off with no writing but over half the time the characters bug me until I give in. Thankfully right now it is football season so I can write while my husband watches the game and not feel guilty.
What’s your writing process like? Do you write in the mornings, afternoons? Do you write with music, food by your side?
My writing process, well I hear so many writers say they work with music on. I can’t do that. I need silence. As for food by my side while I am writing, I keep a small jar with hard candy in it and when I am stuck on something and not sure how I want to proceed I have a piece and think it over. It helps. However I have to have a drink by my side in the mornings it is coffee by the gallons, and evenings it is tea or ice water. As for when I do most of the writing, I am not a morning person, so writing doesn’t start until around 10am when my brain is finally active. I try to stop writing when my husband gets home from work between 3 and 5 so we can spend some time together. I do some writings in the evenings if I am on a roll or really behind, but normally that time is saved for reading.
If you listen to music when you write, what kinds of music do you like to listen to?
Sorry no music while I am writing.
How did you fell when you were told that you got your writing contract?
Just thinking about hearing the news brings a smile to my face. I cuddle up on the couch reading when my cell phone went off letting me know I had an email. I was engrossed in my book, I was going to wait and check the email later but for some reason I couldn’t get back into the book, I was wondering what that email was. Finally I gave in and checked the email. It was telling me that it was going to be included in the Believe anthology and I started screaming. I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited
Working on anything now?
Currently I am working on a few projects, a Valentine’s Day themed short story, and a paranormal romance novel. I am also polishing another romance novel.

Giveaways…. After I reach 100 fans on my author facebook fan page I will give away a copy of Believe, link is below.

December 10
“I appreciate your taking the time to see me, Mrs. Pierce,” the man standing before me said. “Please have a seat.”
Sinking into the comfiest chair the old hotel lobby offered, which wasn’t saying much, I replied, “Call me Jasmine.” I hadn’t been Mrs. Pierce since the divorce. “And why do you need to see me?” Hopefully this isn’t what I think.
He put out his hand. “I’m Dave Johnson, attorney. Came all the way from Montana to find you.”
I gave his hand a weak shake. Montana? “I don’t understand.”
The lobby was nearly empty at this time of day, which I was glad of. Everyone had finished with breakfast and was on with their day. The owners’ two kids were waiting for the school bus outside.
“I’m your grandmother’s attorney, Jasmine. She had me looking for you up until she passed away in September. Your mother had changed your last name, and I had a hard time finding you.”
That was the last thing I expected. I’d half worried this had something to do with my ex, who vanished months ago. I figured he was in some kind of trouble, somewhere, and was looking for me to bail him out.
But— Grandmother?
Couldn’t be true. My mother always said we had no family left. “I’m sorry. You have the wrong person.”
He scooted to the edge of the grimy brown couch. “Jasmine, let me explain.”
I nodded, letting him know I would hear him out.
“Your mother ran off with you when you were very young. She sent pictures home to your grandmother but wouldn’t allow her to see you. They—your grandmother and your mother—had a difference of option that lead to an estrangement.” Mr. Johnson leaned down to his briefcase. “These are letters she wrote to your mother. They were all returned unopened. She believed they would explain everything—
“But that is not why I came, I came to give you the deed to her house. When she passed, she left everything to you.”

December 13
Two long days later, I arrived at my grandmother’s house in Casper, exhausted and aching from sitting in the car for so long. Driving from Richmond, Virginia to Casper, Montana with Alyssa, my eight-month-old daughter, and my sweet, but cantankerous little Cocker named Floppie, was not an ideal trip, but it was what I had to do.
What did I have to lose?
My grandmother had left me everything. And although it was in one way a relief, I was also scared to death of starting a new life, in a new place.
It was late afternoon and almost dusk, and the best I could hope for was to unload the few things for the night. We’d eaten at the last fast food stop we’d passed about two hours earlier, so I didn’t care about dinner, or anything else. I just wanted a hot shower and a good night’s sleep, and to get my baby to bed.
I sat in awe of the house, looking up from my old beat-up car, actually amazed that it made it this far. The house was a beautiful two-story log cabin with a large wrap-around deck. I remembered it, somehow, from a distant memory. Barely. Enough snow blanketed the ground to make the cabin stand out against the wood background. I couldn’t wait to look around inside, but I’d have to postpone that until I got Alyssa settled.
“Let’s get inside and turn the lights on, Alyssa, before it gets too dark.” I dug the key Mr. Johnson had given me out of my change purse.
Floppie was asleep in the back and Alyssa in her car seat. I left the pup so I could get Alyssa inside, taking the whole seat out to make my way to the porch. “Just for a minute,” I whispered to Floppie. “Let’s get the lights on and see if we have heat.”
Struggling with car seat, my purse and the diaper bag, and Alyssa, I juggled while attempting to slide the key into the lock the unforgiving lock.
The deep husky voice that came from behind startled me. “You must be Jasmine.”
“What?” My heart pounced inside my chest. I faced the voice, my senses immediately on high alert. I stared, making a complete fool of myself. “Um, yes... Who are you?”

Thanks Marissa!

Here's where you can find her!

You can find me at a few places….
Site - http://www.marissadobson.com/
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Marissa-Dobson/175831712431627
Twitter - http://twitter.com/MDobson84
My Review site - http://www.sizzlinghotbooks.net

Everyone, Make sure, you go onto Marissa's Facebook page at this link. When Marissa, gets 100 fans, Marissa will be giving away a copy of Believe to a fan. Good Luck!

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I talk about By Sunset

Evening all, i did two great interview yesterdays my fellow Lazy Day Authors, J M. Kelley and George Pappas, we talked about my novella, By Sunset and about the writing process!

You can check out the interviews by clicking here!

and also here !
thanks Joey and George !! xoxo!!!

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Chat time

Morning all.

I hope you can join me and my fellow authors at Lazy Day Publishing for our weekly chat this evening between 6-7 EST on twitter.

All you need to do is log onto twitter find me, I'm @bedofroses2001 and use the hashtag #LDChat

Hope to see you all there!!!

Have a great day.

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Blog hop anyone ??

Just saw this on the awesome Lisa Sanchez blog and wanted to participate.

For anyone who is a new author like myself, let's get to know one another.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wanna Chat?

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a lot of candy on Halloween. (i sure did!)

I wanted to let everyone know that this evening my fellow Lazy Day Publishing authors, will be having a chat from 6-8 EST on twitter talking about our books, writing, and the publishing industry.

Please stop by, my twitter address is @bedofroses2001 and when you chat please use the twit hashtag, #LDchat

Hope to see you there!!!

Have a great day all. I also have a contest to announce soon, so stay tuned!