Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Playing catchup

Been playing a bit of catchup of late on reading, writing, doing RL stuff and watching a lot of TV that i've missed. (thank god for HULU!!).

One of the shows recently i've been recently watching (well it's old) was The Practice. I've always been a fan of the show, so when i saw some old episodes from the first two seasons come up on hulu, i couldn't help but to watch...

Dylan McDermott is fantastic!! Granted he's got a great new show on TNT called Dark Blue now, but you tend to sometimes forget until you watch him in different roles and especially in movies like The Line of Fire and in the Practice just how versatile and truly talented he is.

Okay and he's very easy on the eyes (he's 48 all!! seriously!! LOL)

Take a look at him in this fan made clip from the movie The Mistress of Spices and you'll see why he's my new crush.OMG!!! (Fanning face)