Friday, December 23, 2011

Who do i'd like under my tree!!!

See, I told you i'd be back. Time doesn't stand still. I can't believe Christmas is only as a put this blog post up, a few hours away!! It is by far my all-time-favorite holiday!
Whatever, kind of holiday all of readers celebrate, I hope you enjoying it!! Okay, as I'm listening to My Grown-Up Christmas List, by Amy Grant, here is my list.

And yes, there are QUITE A FEW WWE wrestlers on this list. Writers, not only are WWE Superstars fantastic, a lot of them and Bells, Penny, Dren and Ava will attest to, there a lot that are HEAVENLY!!! (just saying)...

Enjoy all and tell me who you like.

1....JOHN HENNIGAN-aka JOHN MORRISON-AKA JOMO- He's only been gone from WWE for a few short weeks, but us JOMOSAPIENS are going thru MASSIVE withdrawal. Boo, we miss you!!! Taopon was right, we're about ready to put him on a milk carton (missing-John Hennigan)

2. JON BON JOVI- He's aging like a fine wine. He is fantastic! Seriously, JBJ is defying gravity. I hope to look THAT good at nearly 50 and rocking new fans and old!! KUDOS..(need another wife??)

3.DWYANE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON- The arms, the body, the swagger....One look at Mr. Johnson can turn any woman into the pool of hot mess.

4.RANDY ORTON -There is something him. Maybe it's the body, that tats, the voice or the piercing blue eyes. All I know, he that he heats up my Friday nights! Delish!

5. HENRY CAVILL- Although I miss seeing him grace my TV screen as Charles Brandon on The Tudors, I am beyond thrilled and counting down the moments when we see him as SUPERMAN!!!

6. JOSH BROLIN -Ruggedly Handsome, fantastic actor. Actually, from seeing his interviews from how he prepares for a character, actually has helped me as a writer. He's someone that a writer loves because is he so into the words and into the story. Amazing!!!

7. WADE BARRETT- I don't know if it's the accent, or the tats (he has a new one, but i can't find a pic of the new one) or the sneer, or the black wavy hair or hell, it's probably the whole package. But he's just one hot man!!

8. TED DIBIASE, JR- He makes being casual, look cool, hot and also being in the Marine 2 and looking great, wasn't bad either!!!

From the marine 2.

9. DREW MCINTRYE- My muse for Decadent Dreams!!! This everyone is Yuri. Dear, WWE, please place him on TV more often, will ya??

10. CHRISTIAN KANE- He can sing, fight and act. Best of all he looks damn good doing it. Everyone, go get his CD, "The House Rules." he's a great actor and the tracks keep on rocking from beginning to end!!! Also, you can check him out on Sundays on Leverage!!

11. JENSEN ACKLES-Hi, I'm Shell, and I'm officially addicted to this man's voice and i need Ackles rehab! (Among other things) Sad when you sit on your day off (this happened during my vacation and you wind up sitting in front of your TV all day watching an entire season from beginning to end on a nice day in your pj's.. To be honest, it was a good time. He and Jared Padelecki rock on Supernatual!

12. DOLPH ZIGGLER- He says he's perfection...Who are we to disagree!! LOL!

13. KIP WINGER- The man still has got some wicked pipes. Everyone check out Winger's latest CD Kharma. The band's still got it...Especially an epic 7 minute tune called "Witness" this CD is constantly on my ipod when i write, especially this song in particular

14. JOE MANGANIELLO - Yum, he's the hottest werewolf on TV....(HOWL)

15. Idris Elba- LUTHER!!!! Among other roles he's had like Stringer Bell, an appearance in American Gangster and The Losers. This man is sex on two legs. And fyi, he sings and pretty damn good.

16. GERRY BUTLER-One of the hottest Scots i've ever seen. He's another actor that can play anything and you are convinced that he is really what he protrays.

17. JASON MOMOA- KHAL DROGO!! Who could forget him in Game of Thrones (still mad about that George R Martin! LOL) and as Conan, he's wasn't too bad either...So looking forward to anything and everything he does

There were more, but i had to end this...LOL!! Merry Xmas and who you all of you want under your tree???

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be back!!!!

Hi everyone!!!. I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since early November!!!

So sorry!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with their families and friends. I have to say this is one of my favorite times of year.

I'll have a fun blog post in a couple of days. It's my annual 'Who I'd want under my tree' list.' It went over so went last year that i've been asked to do it again.

Hahaha. When i was writing it last night, i was floored by just how many i had on the list!! hahaha...omg...there are 22 well, now more..LOL! This will be fun post for sure!

To give you a peek at who perhaps is number one....Let me just show you these two videos of two of the list!

Let the drooling commence!! hahaha