Sunday, September 23, 2012

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories-Episode Two

Hi all!!

Here's the new cover and Preview for Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode Two which will be available on Oct. 27th for both Kindle and Nook.

Everyone needs to Thanks Stephanie Fodor Scott for these FANTASTIC COVERS!!!

I have to give her a shout out and let all of you know. That Stephanie is one of the most amazing and sweetest people you will ever meet!!! (Shout out to my girl Steph! )

Preview of CRAVE (Episode Two)

Exhausted and burnt out due to a mix of long hours and a steady diet of working hardened news stories, left Harper at a loss when she met the magnetic and mysterious lead singer of Crave, Cass St. Marie.
She was drawn to him, yet frightened. What was he? Who was he? Did he have anything to do with Darien’s disappearance?

Desperate for the truth, the more she talked with him, the more attracted she became. Did he really have the answers she sought or was he a distraction of something more sinister.

Author Tigris Eden's: The Genesis Project
Preview of Episode 2

Xander Treegold sees something in Genesis that he can’t explain. Is it her oddity that captures him or her innocence? Xander’s never taken no for an answer when it comes to getting what he wants and at every opportunity that is given to him Xander seems to fail miserably. That is until he pulls Genesis into a dark alcove in the Great Hall where others are preparing for their journey back to New Earth for Luna.

Will Genesis succumb to his attentions or will she once again deny him the only thing he’s ever truly wanted…. Her.

Politics and other’s seem to get in the way of his every intentions and as Luna approaches so does the private tasting he’s invited Genesis to. Will she indulge like the rest of them, or will she stand in the back, watching, wanting, and needing to be tasted as much as the next female.

Gen is happy to finally be back home with her father Vaggo, and as short as this homecoming is, she is determined not to let the outside influence of Xander Treegold convince her of his intentions. With Adam constantly showing up at her door step, attempting to sway her away from his soon to be brother –in-law she finds that Professor Aylet is correct in her assumptions. There are two males that make her question her every feeling.

Adam’s sultry scent and Xander’s fire.

Author Riley Ross': The Getaway
Preview of Episode 2

Mike and Juliet deal with the repercussions of his mother and Brooke’s actions. Juliet and Elaine come to an uneasy truce to appease Mike.

A surprising secret involving Brooke and a member of Mike’s family threatens to ruin a relationship. Will a surprising proposal shatter their unholy alliance or bring them closer together?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 9/9

As a part of Six Sentence Sunday,

Here's a snippet of my latest story, 'Crave' which is a part of the Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories collection!

Happy Sunday


The young woman sat across from her computer and endlessly scribbled in her notebook.
With headphones in place, the frantic pace of the newsroom where she worked did not deter from her looming deadline.
She was used to it; in fact she reveled in it. Writing stories about people, places and the things in her community always intrigued her.
From people doing good for others to the popular teenage girl that disappeared without a trace. All had a story to tell.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Flash 9/8

A Night Out!

The handsome bartender ran his index finger along the oak countertop of the bar. “What will it be? Miss?”
To celebrate the end of the work week, Kat was out with a group of friends.
While her thoughts filed away the stresses of another week, she eyed the watermelon martini her friend ordered. “I’ll take what she’s having.” she replied as she took off her suit jacket and placed it on the back of her chair.
The bartender worked his magic. Her mouth watered at the wonderful concoction poured over ice. Cool and sweet, it was a rich, welcome reward.

For more weekend flash,

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Giveaway Time! Win ARC'd copy of Romatic Tales-Episode One

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for the support on the new release.

To answer some questions on Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories.

Yes: The books will also be available on B& beginning Oct. (and maybe All

Yes: They'll also be eventually available in Print. I'll share details in a few weeks.

To celebrate the release, we have several events coming up. The first one is that we're giving away some ARC'd copies of Romantic Tales.

To give you a little taste, of what we're offering, we encourage you to follow the Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories blog at this link.

Every day, you'll be able to read the first chapter of each story beginning with mine, Crave.

If you want to enter, sign up at the form at the bottom of the page! The winners will be picked at random.

Good Luck!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Romantic Tales:Bedtime Stories Release Day

Well, it's here.

You'd think release day would be easy, but it never is. Going to take a friend of mine's advice and for most of today, going to stay offline.

For anyone who'd like to purchase: Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories,can do so here!

As always, thanks so much for your support!!!