Friday, December 23, 2011

Who do i'd like under my tree!!!

See, I told you i'd be back. Time doesn't stand still. I can't believe Christmas is only as a put this blog post up, a few hours away!! It is by far my all-time-favorite holiday!
Whatever, kind of holiday all of readers celebrate, I hope you enjoying it!! Okay, as I'm listening to My Grown-Up Christmas List, by Amy Grant, here is my list.

And yes, there are QUITE A FEW WWE wrestlers on this list. Writers, not only are WWE Superstars fantastic, a lot of them and Bells, Penny, Dren and Ava will attest to, there a lot that are HEAVENLY!!! (just saying)...

Enjoy all and tell me who you like.

1....JOHN HENNIGAN-aka JOHN MORRISON-AKA JOMO- He's only been gone from WWE for a few short weeks, but us JOMOSAPIENS are going thru MASSIVE withdrawal. Boo, we miss you!!! Taopon was right, we're about ready to put him on a milk carton (missing-John Hennigan)

2. JON BON JOVI- He's aging like a fine wine. He is fantastic! Seriously, JBJ is defying gravity. I hope to look THAT good at nearly 50 and rocking new fans and old!! KUDOS..(need another wife??)

3.DWYANE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON- The arms, the body, the swagger....One look at Mr. Johnson can turn any woman into the pool of hot mess.

4.RANDY ORTON -There is something him. Maybe it's the body, that tats, the voice or the piercing blue eyes. All I know, he that he heats up my Friday nights! Delish!

5. HENRY CAVILL- Although I miss seeing him grace my TV screen as Charles Brandon on The Tudors, I am beyond thrilled and counting down the moments when we see him as SUPERMAN!!!

6. JOSH BROLIN -Ruggedly Handsome, fantastic actor. Actually, from seeing his interviews from how he prepares for a character, actually has helped me as a writer. He's someone that a writer loves because is he so into the words and into the story. Amazing!!!

7. WADE BARRETT- I don't know if it's the accent, or the tats (he has a new one, but i can't find a pic of the new one) or the sneer, or the black wavy hair or hell, it's probably the whole package. But he's just one hot man!!

8. TED DIBIASE, JR- He makes being casual, look cool, hot and also being in the Marine 2 and looking great, wasn't bad either!!!

From the marine 2.

9. DREW MCINTRYE- My muse for Decadent Dreams!!! This everyone is Yuri. Dear, WWE, please place him on TV more often, will ya??

10. CHRISTIAN KANE- He can sing, fight and act. Best of all he looks damn good doing it. Everyone, go get his CD, "The House Rules." he's a great actor and the tracks keep on rocking from beginning to end!!! Also, you can check him out on Sundays on Leverage!!

11. JENSEN ACKLES-Hi, I'm Shell, and I'm officially addicted to this man's voice and i need Ackles rehab! (Among other things) Sad when you sit on your day off (this happened during my vacation and you wind up sitting in front of your TV all day watching an entire season from beginning to end on a nice day in your pj's.. To be honest, it was a good time. He and Jared Padelecki rock on Supernatual!

12. DOLPH ZIGGLER- He says he's perfection...Who are we to disagree!! LOL!

13. KIP WINGER- The man still has got some wicked pipes. Everyone check out Winger's latest CD Kharma. The band's still got it...Especially an epic 7 minute tune called "Witness" this CD is constantly on my ipod when i write, especially this song in particular

14. JOE MANGANIELLO - Yum, he's the hottest werewolf on TV....(HOWL)

15. Idris Elba- LUTHER!!!! Among other roles he's had like Stringer Bell, an appearance in American Gangster and The Losers. This man is sex on two legs. And fyi, he sings and pretty damn good.

16. GERRY BUTLER-One of the hottest Scots i've ever seen. He's another actor that can play anything and you are convinced that he is really what he protrays.

17. JASON MOMOA- KHAL DROGO!! Who could forget him in Game of Thrones (still mad about that George R Martin! LOL) and as Conan, he's wasn't too bad either...So looking forward to anything and everything he does

There were more, but i had to end this...LOL!! Merry Xmas and who you all of you want under your tree???

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be back!!!!

Hi everyone!!!. I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since early November!!!

So sorry!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with their families and friends. I have to say this is one of my favorite times of year.

I'll have a fun blog post in a couple of days. It's my annual 'Who I'd want under my tree' list.' It went over so went last year that i've been asked to do it again.

Hahaha. When i was writing it last night, i was floored by just how many i had on the list!! hahaha...omg...there are 22 well, now more..LOL! This will be fun post for sure!

To give you a peek at who perhaps is number one....Let me just show you these two videos of two of the list!

Let the drooling commence!! hahaha

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Indulgence Tales of the Cirque Romani is now available in PRINT!

Hi all, doing NaMoWriMo this month, so my updates will be few and far between but I wanted to tell you that Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani is available in Print.

Make sure you click here.

Take care, will be back soon!! xoxo!! And thanks as always for your support.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 10/30 Coming Home Part II

Six Sentence Time.
Here's more from my latest release 'Coming Home' that's featured in 'Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani' anthology from Lazy Day Publishing. Enjoy

The frost still hampered her view; she lifted up her paw to remove the piece that obscured her vision. With the window fully cleared, a television could be seen in the corner of the living room. Excited, she moved closer to the window in hopes of seeing him walk into the empty room.
Jon appeared to be better than ever. Her mother told her he now owned a gym after missing out on joining the Olympic ski team. She had always admired his body.

For more Six Sunday Goodness, check out these fantastic authors by clicking here.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Lot Going On!

Hey everyone!

Hope you're doing well. Wanted to tell you a few things i've been up to.

First off, i'm running a FB fan page contest, for the 100th FB fan that likes my page, you'll win ARC'd copies of all three of my releases. BTW, my fan page is on the left side of this blog. Good luck.

Also be on the lookout for my blog/holiday contest....Going to be doing some cool things and I'll post that up shortly.

Now that Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani is out, the promo is beginning.
I did a great radio interview with John Rakestraw for his show called "The Book Platform" which was great.

The link for the interview is here.

Also in November is National Writing Month. Yes, i'll be doing it again. (I have a death wish..LOL) Seriously, it's fun and it's a great way to wrap up Mail Order Groom and By Moonlight so beginning next week, you'll hardly see me.

Lastly, as soon as I have the details on how to order the print version of Indulgence, I'll post it. Sometimes, these things take time, but it'll be available.

Also, notice i've been doing readings of Decadent and Coming Home...hmmm....maybe that's a part of the contest. (LOL) stay tuned.

Ok, i swear i'm leaving.

Here's some eye candy for ya and i'll be back on Sunday for Six Sentence Sunday


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excerpt of coming home!

Excerpt of Coming Home: Tales of the Cirque Romani.
Also, running a contest, for the 100th person who likes my Ty Langston Facebook page,they'll win ARC'd copies of my three novellas so spread the word.

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Ooh, did I tell you there's a sweet book trailer to this too? LOL!!!



Today is officially release day for Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani!

For now, the book is avaiable in ebook format on both

Click link!

And at Barnes and
Click link!

Later on the week, there will be a print book format available for all also. As soon as it's available for order, I'll let everyone know!!!

Enjoy everyone!!! And by all means, leave comments as, B& and on Goodreads, dying to know what you all think of the book.


“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…” the Master of Ceremonies echoes every night. These are the words that launch a night full of entertainment, magic, seduction, debauchery and desire.
Cirque Romani was a troupe like no other, a carnival full of true mysticism, power and dark seductive secrets. It travels from town to town, performing to an audience and consisting of a cast of creatures that folklore tales weave stories about.
Cirque Romani is a troupe full of magical, dark and fascinating people that choose to entrance others, rather than hide in the depths of the shadows.
We introduce to you...Indulgence: Tales of The Cirque Romani.
Let the show begin...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 10/16-Coming Home

Happy Sunday.

Here is the 1st six of story I have in an upcoming paranormal erotica anthology called "Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani" My story is called "Coming Home." Enjoy the six!

Darkness couldn’t conceal her elation. She hadn’t seen or spoken to him in years. Their relationship seemed like a lifetime ago. She won a coveted position performing for one of the most premiere entertainment troupes in the world, Cirque Romani, and her ex-boyfriend, Jon? He decided to finish college. She regretted how the two of them left their relationship without a goodbye or a cross word.

For more six sentence greatness click this link!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cover gods have arrived for Indulgence, a new website , and an excerpt...

Hi everyone!!!

Been up to lots of things. Fall is typically busy for me.

First up, I have a website:!
So check in when you can for updates.

Also, here is the cover for 'Indulenge: Tales of the Cirque Romani' that will be published by Lazy Day Publishing on Oct. 19th. I'm beyond proud to be part of anthology with Ava Riley, Alta Hensley, JM Kelley, George Pappas, Wade Jeeper, Liz Borino, Amy Leblanc, Elizabeth Thorne and Rae Spencer.

These collection of stories follows a traveling circus troupe, called Cirque Romani and their various performers.

My contribution is called 'Coming Home,' and here is a rather sexy excerpt, Enjoy!!!

His taste was better than she remembered. It was sweet and warm. His tongue explored every part of her mouth, reuniting the two of them into a state of renewed bliss. He continued to kiss her passionately, moving from her mouth and down her bare neck, their mingled scents were putting them both into such a state of arousal that neither one of them could leave now if they wanted to.
They got up and walked into the family room where the fire Jon started before dinner illuminated the room. He led her toward the couch, where the two of them continued their foreplay. It was as if nothing had changed between them. She began to unbutton his shirt. Touching his smooth, tanned skin only fueled her fervent need for him.
As he gently lay her down on the couch, he asked, “Are you sure?” He climbed on top of her, his lean frame, enjoying the feel of her petite body underneath him.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OMG where has the time gone???

Hi everyone!!!

I am so sorry. This time of year, things get uber busy for me!

I miss all of you. And I think later on this week, i think on Friday, I'll do a vlog.

Been busy with the copy edits of Coming Home which by the way will be released on Oct. 19th for Lazy Day Publishing's Anthology called 'Indulgence, Tales of the Cirque Romani'. and if you can believe it, a couple of quick hot stories that i literally forgot I had on my laptop. (Yes, i am that forgetful and these are done! LOL)...Not sure what i'm going to do with these yet, but I have the feeling you'll like them a lot.

Miss you all and I'll be later on the week! Be good!!!

Meantime...Here's some eye candy for you...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Busy, Busy Busy!!!

Hi everyone! Now that my Staycation is over....My writing job is back in full swing for a bit...I'm going to be busy with edits on my short story, 'Coming Home' for LD's Anthology in a few days so I wanted to say 'hi' and let everyone know that i didn't forget to vlog. I definitely will do that, hopefully it'll be sometime next week or after. I have to rave about what i've been reading lately and about the TV shows and Movies I've watched. :) After I finish 'Coming Home' I have some smaller projects i'm working on and then it's back to Mail Order Groom and By Moonlight (I swear Tigris and Ana it's nearly done! LOL) One of the WIP's, I am working on involves...Well, I'll just show you the video to give you a hint..:) Be back soon!! xoxo!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sneak peek of Mail Order Groom.

Hi everyone! I HAD A FREAKING BLAST doing my chat today!! As promised, here is the first and unedited sneak peek of Mail Order Groom!!!


Mail Order Groom

Chapter One

Feeling as if someone had removed the last shred of optimism she attempted to hold onto for the day, Jessica Brooke turned towards the aging tow truck driver and asked.
“Is there anything else that can go wrong for me today? “

His weathered face focused on the road, the tow truck driver hid any sympathy he had for the young scientist as she continued to whine about her lifetime tolls.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to understand where she was coming from but, at 8:45 in the morning, sleep had not yet removed itself from his sky blue eyes that were concealed rather nicely by a pair of Ray Bans.

She scanned through the morning’s events in her head. She was seemingly in a state of disbelief at the series of events that had all occurred within a span of ninety minutes.

“First, I wake up late thanks in part to my dear, sweet, boyfriend who decided that he wanted to stay overnight. Usually when he does that, I tend to forget to set the alarm clock. Then, after jolting out of bed after 8, I jump into the shower only to find out that my pipes are frozen solid.”

The tow truck driver stared vacantly at her for several seconds before turning his concentration back onto the road. For his own sanity, he realized that saying nothing would be better than saying something. One wrong word from this one would only make her rant and simmering wrath worse than he wanted to get into at such an early hour.

Praying for any kind of acknowledgement from the driver, Jessica continued to spew her venom.
“So with no water at all, I decided to go to work early and work on some of my notes before this big presentation I have this afternoon. I go, grab my banana, laptop and keys. Check the time, it was then 8:30 which to be honest, wasn’t that bad all things considered. Then, I go, put my keys in the ignition and that is when the car wouldn’t start. Not even an engine turnover. I knew I was in trouble the minute that red ass battery light came on! And then that brings me here with you.”

He was relieved when he saw the automatic gates opened slowly at the Edison Energy plant. The seven minute ride was as aggravating as nails on a chalk board. The quicker he dropped her off, the quicker the morning silence would return.
He pulled into the visitor parking lot smiling from ear to ear. Jessica looked at him and smiled weakly.
“We’re here. I’ll pick you up at the end of the day so that you can pick up the car.” He told her.
“Thanks. See you soon." she said as she gathered her totebag.
Opening her passenger door with the electrical side panel on his driver’s side, he opened the door for her, nearly driving off before she could plant her second foot on the icy pavement.
As quick as he pulled into the parking lot, he sped even quicker out of the parking lot.

With minutes to spare and tote in hand, Jessica rushed through the parking lot, praying that she could go over her notes with a fine tooth comb this morning before presenting her proposal to management.

Since the parking lot was a bit icy, the young doctor's eyes did not see that nick in the ice before her toe did, propelling her forward face down in the middle of the parking lot.

The fall was nothing less than spectacular. Papers flew up in the air and scattered around her like New Year's Eve confetti. Her white laptop that was nestled nicely in her tote, slid quietly from its home and across the parking lot, winding up rather gracefully in a muddied snowbank.

Seeing what happened, the other employees that were in a similar situation slid to her rescue.

Her friend and neighbor Kelly was first to be at her side. "Jessie! Jessie! Are you allright?" she screamed.

Jessica was still face down, unresponsive. Concerned, Kelly began shaking her.

The guard that oversees the parking lot sped over to the growing crowd around Jessica. "She's still not moving? My god that was some fall!"

Shaking her again, Kelly began to beg for her friend to wake up. "Jessie! Jessie!"

Kelly’s high-pitched voice rattled Jessica to the core. It was grating, ringing thru her ears in protest. She didn’t know how long she had been out, but knew that if that voice could wake her up, it could probably wake the dead.

She felt something warm and sticky underneath her face. Bringing her head up slowly, the remnants of what would have been her breakfast flattened like a pancake against her olive skin.

A look of relief went through the crowd while Jessica gathered herself.
Peeling the banana away from her face, she let out a very audible groan.

Kelly kneeled next her, putting her hand on her shoulder to help balance Jessica’s shakiness.

“Jessie, are you all right?” Kelly asked.

Gradually, she gathered her wits about her. Of all the days for this to have happened to her, it would have been today.

All of her preparation along with her self-confidence was scattered around the parking lot like the handwritten notes she had worked on tirelessly for months.
Known as the wallflower with the beautiful long hair and dark eyes hidden three-quarters of the time by horn-rimmed glasses, Jessica was one that did her job extremely well, yet when people asked just who Jessica Brooke was, no one seemed to know.

Jessica refused to have the events of this day ruin this shot for her. This day was to prove to her managers that the experiment she had been working on had a realistic potential of changing how the world today used energy.

Trying to stand up, Jessica’s eyes worked hard to focus on her friend and co-worker.

“Yes. I’m fine.”

Kelly’s green eyes widened.

“That was a nasty spill honey. You were out for a good two-three minutes. Everyone here has been worried sick!””


Kelly began to help her up off the pavement slowly. “Yes.”

With wobbly legs, Jessica braced herself up against her good friend’s arm much to the delight of the rest of her co-workers who continued to stand by with nothing to say.

This wasn’t the kind of attention Jessica wanted. She needed to lighten the mood.

“Everyone show is over. You can now finish your skate to the building. Glad I was here to infuse a bit moment of both hilarity and humiliation into the day.”

Slight chuckles could be heard as everyone not only finished the careful walk towards the building, but also picked up Jessica’s papers and netbook.

“Thanks everyone.” She said as the last person carefully placed her white computer onto her hands as she and Kelly made it safely in front of the door.

Kelly kept a firm arm around her shoulder, so much so that Jessica felt her arm go numb. She moved a step away from her breaking the hold.

“You sure you’re okay Jess? Do you want me to help you into your office?” Kelly said.

Jessica touched her face as she nodded. She was trying to diffuse any more horror by making sure she had gotten the entire banana off her face.

“No, I’m fine. Did I get it all?” she asked.

Seemingly relieved, Kelly couldn’t help but to laugh at the site where the banana made a perfect red outline of itself on the side of her face.

“Yes. It’s all gone.”

Jessica continued to touch her face. She could feel herself grow warm with embarrassment, as her index finger she touched the buckled outline.

“Oh shit! Are you kidding me? Kelly, why didn’t you tell me?”

Kelly continued to laugh. “Oh honey It’s not so bad. It’s a just a red mark. It’ll go away.”
Jessica moved her long hair towards the front of her face. She hit her friend hard on the arm for laughing so hard.

“Come on silly. It’s not so bad. You’ll see.” Kelly reassured.

Kelly rushed her good friend into the bathroom so that could she inspect herself. Jessica couldn’t help but to sprint pass her through the door and view herself in the waist-length mirror that was over the sink.

Thankfully, Kelly was right. It was just a red mark.

After placing some cold water on the mark along with some makeup to cover it, the mark was gone in a few seconds.

She completed her look with some mascara, and some red lip stain. Kelly had never seen her friend look so beautiful before.

With the last thorough brush through her wavy locks over and done with. Kelly overwhelmingly approved.

“You look beautiful.” Kelly said.

Jessica removed her coat. Unfortunately, the new white satin blouse she purchased was a casualty of her fall. It was a muddy mess.

The two women grimaced. Kelly’s eyes began to widen. She knew how stressed out Jessica could get. She didn’t need add anything else to put her past the brink.

“You’ll have your lab coat on. No one will see that.”

Jessica turned towards her in disbelief. “Do you really believe what you’re saying to me right now?”

Kelly wrapped some stray blonde hairs around her ears, revealing a pair of beautiful rhinestone earrings. Deciding to take a breath, she needed to think carefully about what she was going to say before it was too late.

“ But, you know what? I got an idea.”

“What is it?”

Kelly took off her coat to reveal with a brown cashmere sweater with a crisp white long-sleeved blouse underneath.

She examined her friend from top to bottom, scanning the details of her outfit to see if anything she had on would match. She took off her sweater and gave it to her.

“Here, wear this. It’ll look great with that skirt and those boots.”
Jessica grabbed the sweater and ran into the stall. Seconds later, all traces of the fall were gone. Both women were satisfied.

“That’s so much better! “ Kelly said.
Jessica hugged her friend. “You rock! Thank you so much!”

Kelly adored Jessica. Jessica was one of the few people in the plant who didn’t treat her like a second-class citizen for being an administrative assistant. Never mind that other people like Jessica viewed as a member of the team, in fact the most vital member, who would always made sure that regardless of the situation, all was taken care of.

Kelly smiled and kissed her good friend on the forehead. “That’s what friends do. Come on sweetie. Gotta get you ready for your presentation.”

Jessica pulled away. She took a deep breath to sink in all that had happened to her so far.

“You’re going to do just fine. I’ll get some breakfast and coffee for you at the kitchen. You just get your notes in order and calm yourself down. You can do this Jess.”

Jessica closed her eyes. “Yes, I can.”

“Yes you can and will. Now, let’s go.” She told her friend as they both walked out of the bathroom and down the hall towards the lab.

Maybe the day wouldn’t end up being so bad after all.

Chapter Two

Several minutes later with a cup of steaming black coffee and a cinnamon bun waiting patiently to be devoured, Jessica put her rumpled notes in order.

A little damp, she was relieved to see that her net book was working so that she could print out the pages for Kelly to make copies for the rest of her team.

The caffeine woke her up with each sip as she skimmed the pages of her notes, making sure one last time every line and equation was correct. There could be no room for error.

Reading the first couple of pages, she beamed from ear to ear, feeling proud of what she had accomplished.

“How does it look? Everything okay?” Kelly asked her as she plopped herself down in the chair across from her.

The young scientist gave her the assistant not only the hard copy but a copy she had on a purple thumb drive.

“It’s fine. I just need the revisions from the hard drive printed out and the original notes put away in the vault if you please.”

Kelly took the small pile of notes from her and begins to leaf through the various computer print out of equations, graphs and the chemical formulas. She couldn’t even pretend to know how someone came up with something like this from scratch, but it impressed her nonetheless.

“I can’t believe this is it. How long did it take you to do all of this?”

Jessica arched an eyebrow, trying to remember around the time she came up with the experiment.

“Over a year. I started it last year. That last gas price crisis hit everyone hard.”

Kelly smirked. “Sure did. The oil to heat my house is insane. Yours has got to be too. Bet as a new home owner, that took you for a loop. ”

Jessica nodded while finally taking a bite out of her bun. “Yes. Among other things. But, I’m managing. Man, you should have told me that owning a house was going to be so damn expensive.”

Kelly giggled. She couldn’t agree more with her friend.

“But it’s worth it. You can do whatever you want, however you want and at anytime. Oh hell, I even walk around the house naked! “

Jessica let out a huge belly laugh. She could see her friend doing just that. She took another bite of her bun, she replied.

“I can you see doing just that.”

“My house why not. Chad been there yet?”

Jessica rolled her eyes at the thought of her boyfriend. She blamed him in part for the early morning craziness that ensued.

“Yeah, he came over last night for dinner and with those baby blues and blonde hair, I couldn’t say no to him staying the night.”

Kelly replied. “It’s the dimples.”

Finishing up the last drops of coffee Jessica asked “The Dimples?”

“And the tight ass. Your eyes get that glint of hunger in them.”


Kelly continued to laugh. “They do. And when he leans over and whispers to you in that honeyed Texas drawl, you give in.”

Jessica looked surprised to hear her friend talk about her this way. “I don’t!”

“Oh Jessie, you do. I can’t say that I blame you. Chad’s a great looking guy. If I were you, I would have broken in that great big poster bed you got a few weeks back.”

Jessica’s face grew hot. She couldn’t help but to be a little uncomfortable at hearing Kelly talk like this. She decided to look down at her desk. Kelly continued.

“I would have. All that space, those huge cathedral ceilings and that bedroom of yours. Man, that bedroom is divine. I would never come out of it. Much less walk after being with someone like Chad.”

Jessica laughed. “Kelly!”

“Well it’s true honey. The way you came whirling in here meant to me that you must have been up for a good portion of the night doing things in that bed that would spin your morning out of control because you didn’t have time to turn on an alarm clock.”

Jessica eyes widened.

“I knew it! Been there, done that.” Kelly said with a wink. She got up and began to walk out of the office.

“I’m going to go ahead and make these copies for you. How many of them do you need?”

Jessica snorted. “Ten.”

“I’ll get these to you and get these originals in the vault.”

“Thank you.”

“Glad to make you laugh.” Kelly said.

Since the worst part was over, she decided to check a few things online before setting things up at the lab.

Her personal e-mail was full of headings that contained. ‘Jess, I’m so sorry to hear the news’...
Surprised, she had no idea what the heck everyone was talking about.

Opening one of the e-mails, she noticed that it was from a mutual friend of both she and Chad’s named Gail. Skimming through it albeit very briefly, she noticed that it was from a link on her FriendSpace account.

She hadn’t been onto the social networking site in weeks only using it to mainly catch up with her friends and family that she hardly had a chance to talk to from all the long hours she worked.

Remembering that she had let Chad use her passcode very recently to add some pictures to her site from a recent weekend getaway, she couldn’t help but to look bewildered at the 100’s of e-mails still pouring into her personal e-mail account.

Going to her Face Space account, the page slowly opened to the familiar but hated tune, Jessie’s Girl that Chad had jokingly put up on the account. The day was worse enough, the last thing she needed for to hear the first few bars looping itself over and over Chad’s latest slideshow extravaganza..

When she pressed the mute button, the opening picture of the slideshow slowly opened to her and Chad sitting on a rock with the beauty of the ocean behind him.

The slideshow began to play without song, each photo that appeared, had a red x on her side while on Chad’s side, he smiled happily throughout.

Thinking that either someone broken into her Face Space account, or this was some bizarre joke of Chad’s, her question was answered after the last picture along with message came up in large white caps.

It read ‘Jessica, I logged into your account informing you that after last night, I can no longer be with you. This charade has gone on long enough. I wish you well, Chad.’
She looked at the note in disbelief. She didn’t seriously think he would break up with her this way after three years together.

Would he?

She decided to check her login admin account on Face Space. After logging in, she noticed that at 3 a.m. it said her Face Space account was logged in to and updated from her computer’s ip address.

She was both mortified and saddened to know that after all they had gone through that he would do this to her without even telling her how he felt to her face. If he had, maybe, they could have worked things out. But this way? Her sadness quickly turned into anger.

“He fucked me; let me sleep while he broke up with me on my Face Space account. What the fuck!” She screamed as she threw the remainder of her bun across the room.

Kelly sprinted into the room. She had never seen the look of both hurt and fury in her friend’s deepset eyes.

“Jessie! What’s wrong?”

Jessica plopped herself back down at the desk and began to throw anything that wasn’t anchored to her desk against the wall.

Shrieking, she replied.

“He…Chad! He…How could he? That motherfucker!”

Kelly ran around the desk to comfort her friend. As she did, her eyes glimpsed at the screen and caught the large lettered caption from the slideshow, now taunting her from the netbook screen.

She was horrified. She had heard that people doing these types of things to others, but she like everyone else at the plant was under the impression that Chad was in love with Jessica.

Jessica was furious as she continued to look at the screen. She had not seen this coming. Not in the least.

With her friend shaking to her core, Kelly did all she could to hold her friend as tightly as possible.

Jessica was deflated. If the day started to get a tad bit better, it just went to depths that there was no way to get out of.


Frustrated with all the drama that had been occurring throughout the day, the presentation she had been so nervous about was turned into a focused production that she was very proud of. It was unflinchingly pointed and professional. With a renewed approach, she answered all of management’s questions thoroughly.

Her bosses left the room with either little or no expression in their faces. All they did was thank her for the great job that she had done for the company and that they would get back to her in a few weeks to see if there was any room for her alternative energy experiment in their budget for next year.

If she could, she would start the day over. Actually, the night before. To her if she hadn’t let that scum bucket Chad in, this whole bad day would have never happened.

The shame he put her through was turning into a level of anger felt so strongly that she needed to see him despite everyone’s wishes.

Since her car was ready earlier than expected, Jessica decided to give the tow truck driver a break from the torture she inflicted earlier in the day and have Kelly drop her off at the auto body shop to pick up her car.

Once home, Jessica changed into her favorite comfort dress of pair of black yoga pants and a heather gray t-shirt. Her long brown hair was pulled neatly into a high ponytail.

Kelly decided to keep her company. Ordering Chinese for them both, the two ladies sat around eating and drinking some great pinot grigo cursing about the catastrophic day.

“I should have never invited that son of a bitch over last night. All that pawing and begging. I should have known something was up.”

Taking a long swig from her near empty wine goblet, Kelly replied. “How could you have known that he would do something like that?”

“This is my fault. I’ve had this house for over a month and there was a part of me that never wanted him here.”

“Well, honey. Maybe your instincts were right. All things considered.”
Jessica emptied her nearly full wine glass with a couple of deep gulps.

“I can’t help but think of what would have happened if I had talked to him more. Maybe there were signs we were in trouble.”

“Trouble enough for him to come over. Sleep with you and then break into your Face Space account while you are sleeping and break up with you over the internet. Honey, he’s an asshole.”

Jessica nodded her head, speaking softly. “Takes two. I may not have deserved this. But I should have wanted to share anything and everything with him because we were together for so long. But to be honest, I didn’t feel like it anymore. “

“Honey, you’re just upset right now. Do not blame yourself. “ Kelly told her.

Jessica replied. “Oh I’m better now. Actually, think I’m finally getting some clarity on this whole thing.”

“Yeah how?”

Jessica took a bite of sweet and sour chicken and poured herself more wine before she responded.

“Well, I think we were going through the motions because I think in part we were doing everything, everyone expected of us. I had worked hard on getting this house and fixing it up over the last month night and day trying to make it into a home. Before last night, he never wanted to see what I had done. All he wanted to do was go out.”

“And is there anything wrong with going out?” Kelly asked.

The alcohol’s effect on what was normally an introverted, unsuspecting person, was replaced by a bold side that Kelly enjoyed seeing.

After Jessica took another long sip of her wine she continued. “Nothing. Nothing at all. I just realized now. That I didn’t want to go with him.”

Kelly’s eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. She didn’t quite understand what Jessica was talking about. “I’m not following you.”

“I could have cared less. It’s like I didn’t have a feeling over anything one way or the other. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to see him. All of this was before last night. And even then, it was like he was pulling teeth for us to go to bed.”

Kelly sighed at the mouthful. She had always thought Jessica and Chad had a pretty good understanding of one another. Perhaps it was the alcohol or the event or a mixture of both that made Jessica feel this way right now.

“Honey, I understand that you’re feeling this way now. But-. “

“I didn’t love him Kel. I couldn’t stand him. Even the sex was like some habitual routine. The only thing out of our relationship that was unexpected was how he broke up with me.”

“You deserve better Jessica. “

Jessica couldn’t agree more. “Yes I do. Tired of getting walked on and being a wallflower. That presentation was supposed to be a step in that direction.”

Kelly tried to reassure her friend. “You did fine.”

“I’m sure that I was so pissed off at how this whole day went that I probably came across as an arrogant bitch. I won’t have anyone else fuck around with me like that again. ”

“Good for you! Heal your heart and then we take on the world together.”

Jessica giggled. “Sounds good. You know, I’m still furious with him, but I don’t want to hunt him down anymore. He did me a favor! “

“That’s right he did. You are better off without him. Better to find out all of this now, then while you are married.”

“Damn straight!” She said as tears quickly filled her eyes.

Kelly ran over to her. “Oh no. Honey’s its okay. All of this will work out just fine. You were with Chad for a long time. I’m sure you wanted to marry him at one point.”

Jessica sobbed hard. “Not why I’m crying. All I wanted was to get married. I used to have this dream of the great career and the nice house and a guy to share all of this with me.”

“You’ll have it Jessie.”

“I’m 27. Maybe I should just be content with the great job and the great house. It’s obvious that men will no longer fit into my plans.”

“There’s someone out there for everyone.”

“I don’t know anymore. Think when god passed out soul mates, he forgot one.”

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 7/31

Happy Sunday!

Enjoy more of Decadent, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

‘I do know him. He knows you. He digs you. You dig him. Just enjoy it for what it is.’ She thought again while she stared at the mirror once more.

For more Six Sunday greatness click here

Friday, July 29, 2011

Over at Bells today!!

Over at Bells today. We're talking, Decadent Dreams, music and men!!

Join us by clicking here!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where to get Decadent Dreams

Hope everyone is enjoying the day so far.

Amazon link is up!! Everyone can purchase it here!!!

I wanted to let people who have a Nook or a Nook app know that they can purchase the book at at this link.

For people who don't own an ereader, you can get the book via PDF file on All at this link.

Tell me what you think of it, comment on B&N, (when the link is up) and also at All

BTW, I'll also on Goodreads too so when the link come up for amazon, we'll add it also.

Thank you all so much for the support today. This journey has been overwhelming and amazing.


Release Day!!

Today is Release Day for me, later i'll be over at my good friend Bells site where we talk about Decadent Dreams, music and men!

I'll give you the link later on today.

And in the upcoming weeks, i'll be doing a Virtual Blog tour for Decadent Dreams including an online chat in Aug where we are giving away a ton of SWAG.

The book will be released on,, Barnes and and All as soon as I have the links, I'll post them.

Enjoy the blurb, they'll be more soon. xoxo!!

Beth Mason seemingly has it all. A successful bakery/café called Decadent Dreams, good friends, and a nice home in Stamford, New York.
After her previous boyfriend dumped her six months before for not spending enough time with him, Beth decided that she had been through enough and wanted more in a relationship. Throwing herself back into the dating scene, Beth decided to go onto an online dating website called, ‘A Foreign Affair.’
Enjoying the different types of men from all over the world that ‘A Foreign Affair’ catered to, Beth became struck by a handsome man from Belarus named Yuri who was the former manager of the famed Rhapsody night club. After realizing that they had a lot in common, the two struck up a close, intense relationship.
Yuri, who’s been depressed since his nightclub burned to the ground and watching his best friend’s parents both die from a terminal illness, decided to take Beth up on an invite and join her for a fun-filled weekend in New York City.
With both of them full of emotions, will the weekend be just what they needed or more than they bargained for?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 7/24

Happy Sunday.

Here's more from Decadent Dreams that will be released this Wednesday!!! Enjoy!

Focus Beth. Focus. It’s not like you’ve never met a hot guy before'. She told herself. ‘Pace yourself.You have all weekend to get to know him.

For more great six sentence offerings. Click this link!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decadent Dreams cover is here!!!

Here it is!!!

OMG this cover is Fantastic!

Thanks to everyone at Lazy Day Publishing!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 7/10

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

I thought i'd share another snippet of my upcoming novella Decadent Dreams, which will be released in a couple of weeks.

In this scene, my female main character Beth, has finally met her good friend Yuri, who came via her invite for the weekend.

She's more than thrilled to see him. Read her reaction.


When she walked into the bathroom, she inhaled the faint aroma of sandalwood that reminded her of Yuri only moments before; Beth began to slowly peel off her long sweater, boots and pants. With only her panties, socks and tank top on, she walked over the mirror and attempted to smooth down her red unruly locks.
She had hoped she hadn’t said too much too soon. For her to give herself to someone this quick was not her speed. Nor was she used to being wooed. If she had held on to him for another minute, she was convinced the two of them would be in bed.

To see other six sentence offerings, click this link!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Been M.I.A.

Hi all, I hope everyone's been enjoying their summer so far. I can't believe I haven't written a blog since May. Time never stands still.

The reason why I've been gone for so long is because I've been working on a bunch of things.

First off Decadent Dreams, the 1st of the 'A Foreign Affair' series, will be released by Lazy Day Publishing on July 27th.
I'll show you the cover in a couple of days but I saw the proof today and will tell all of you that it is freakin' FANTASTIC !!

I'll be doing a Virtual Book Tour to promote the book through KLB Virtual Events which will include a chance to chat with me and to win some awesome swag so stay tuned.

The tour will begin in early Aug and run through Sept.

Also, I'm in the process of writing a paranormal erotica story for Lazy Day to be included in their 1st Print Anthology called INDULDGENCE. Indulgence which will be released in Oct. And i'll be sharing a bunch of news on this in the coming weeks.
Along with myself, authors like Liz Borino, JM Kelley, Ava Riley, Alta Hensley and George Pappas are involved as well so be ready to fan your faces.

In the coming days, I'll give you a track listing of songs I was listening to while writing Decadent Dreams and also Mail Order Groom, which is the 2nd book in the 'A Foreign Affair' series which i want to finish by October along with By Moonlight.

In the meantime, what songs do you listen to while you write?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Liz Borino Interview-What Money Can't Buy

One of the best things to come out of working with Lazy Day Publishing is not only working with Staci Helling and Mark McConnell, but becoming friends with a lot of co-authors. Especially Liz Borino.

Liz's latest release called 'What Money Can't Buy,' is the sequel of her debut novel, Expectations. The books tells the tale of twin brothers Matt and Chris and their various life's journeys.

Here is Liz!

1.For the people that haven’t read your first book “Expectations,” tell us about it?

Expectations depicts the struggle between what we desire for ourselves and our familial obligations. The struggle is personified by Chris and Matt Taylor, identical twins, who are trying to win their overbearing father’s approval and acquire their trust funds. Love, money, and desire collide as Matt and Chris decide what’s really important to them.

2.Does “Money Can’t Buy” its sequel take place immediately after Expectations end?

It begins five months later.

3.How is it different from the 1st book?

What Money Can’t Buy is darker than Expectations. Carley is more hormonal (read: crazy). Robert is definitely less of a threat.

4.I love twins. Especially these two. How did you decide to write about twins?

You have no idea how happy it makes me to know you love my boys as much as I do. No, that’s not possible. I love writing about brothers the relationships fascinate me. Add identical twins to that? It’s so much fun. Their connection plays a large part in the books. They feel for each other with an empathy those of us without such a connection cannot understand.

5.Do you base your characters on people you know? i.e. Friends or family?

I can’t point to a character and assign a specific familiar influence. My characters are all a part of me, as I am of them. And yes, that includes the influences in my life, friends and family.

6.Explain your writing process. Do you write everyday, write in sections? Do you work on one project at a time?

One project at a time! I write when I’m most inspired. I try to make it every day and now that I’m working on the third book in the series, I’ll have to make it more regular.

7.Do you listen to music? If so what kinds?

Are there people who don’t listen to music? How silent their world must be. Yes, I love music. I’m going to be honest and say I listen to a lot of rock and pop, with some Broadway thrown in there.

8.What projects are you working on now?
As yet untitled book three in the Taylor Twins Series.

9.How has it been working with Lazy Day Publishing?

Oh, Lazy Day is incredible. They’re supportive and passionate about their authors. And that’s just the publishers themselves. When I got signed on Lazy Day, I was welcomed into a family of authors.

10.Any advice to any aspiring authors?

I used to say no because there’s so much advice floating around as it is. But after a recent editing experience, here’s my two cents. Learn to trust yourself, your story, and your characters. And defend them if need be. That doesn’t mean don’t listen to your editors, (as an editor, I beseech you to listen) but if after careful consideration you find their suggestions do not fit your idea for the story, you should calmly and logically explain why. Ultimately, it’s your name on the cover of the book, not your editor’s.

Thanks Liz. All the best and continued success with your books. I can't wait to read them.

For anyone who is interested in purchasing either Expectations or What Money Can't Buy. They are available at, b& and

The links for are here.

For Expectations click here..

And for What Money Can't Buy. Click here

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 5/15 Decadent Dreams

Being that i wrapped up my rewrites for Decadent Dreams, I wanted to give you all another sneak peek. This novella will be released in July...And this is the 1st book of the mail order groom series....

Here's Beth....


After work one evening, Beth scanned the internet. She came upon an online dating site called ‘A Foreign Affair.’ Unlike other dating sites, ‘A Foreign Affair,’ encouraged people who loved different cultures to date or one day get married. With any dating site, there were some people at the website that dated, others who became friends and some who eventually married. In fact, ‘A Foreign Affair’ specialized in mail order spouses. Especially, if you and your prospective spouse wanted to go through certain legal channels and knew who to talk to at the website.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 5/8-Mother's Day Edition

Wanted to give a shout out to not only my wonderful mom, Effie, but to the rest of the mom's today. Enjoy! Enjoy!!!

So happy that everyone is enjoying these little snippets...Here is more from Mail Order Groom.
Everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jessica rolled her eyes at the thought of her boyfriend. She blamed him in part for the early morning craziness that ensued.

“Yeah, he came over last night for dinner and with those baby blues and blonde hair, I couldn’t say no to him staying the night.”

Kelly replied. “It’s the dimples.”

Finishing up the last drops of coffee Jessica asked “The Dimples?”

“And the tight ass. Your eyes get that glint of hunger in them.”

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 5/1

Happy Sunday everyone. Because you asked for is more of Mail Order Groom.
Jessie's still having a day... Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

“First, I wake up late thanks in part to my dear, sweet, boyfriend who decided that he wanted to stay overnight. Usually when he does that, I tend to forget to set the alarm clock. Then, after jolting out of bed after 8, I jump into the shower only to find out that my pipes are frozen solid.”

The tow truck driver stared vacantly at her for several seconds before turning his concentration back onto the road. For his own sanity, he realized that saying nothing would be better than saying something. One wrong word from this one would only make her rant and simmering wrath worse than he wanted to get into at such an early hour.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Six Sentence 4/23 Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone !

Here's a snippet of my 2nd book from my 'A Foreign Affair' Series titled 'Mail Order Groom'.

Enjoy your the rest of your weekend. I'll be back very soon. xoxo

Feeling as if someone had removed the last shred of optimism she attempted to hold onto for the day, Jessica Brooke turned towards the aging tow truck driver and asked.
“Is there anything else that can go wrong for me today?”
His weathered face focused on the road, the tow truck driver hid any sympathy he had for the young scientist as she continued to whine about her lifetime tolls.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to understand where she was coming from but, at 8:45 in the morning, sleep had not yet removed itself from his sky blue eyes that were concealed rather nicely by a pair of Ray Bans.

She scanned through the morning’s events in her head. She was seemingly in a state of disbelief at the series of events that had all occurred within a span of ninety minutes.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday for 3/27

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend....I'm a part of Six Sentence Sunday again, and I thought i'd share a snippet of Sweet Dreams, which will be released by Lazy Day Publishing in July.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sweet Dreams

She could hear and feel the intensity of his voice as the words play in her head with that deep accent while she re-read his words. Longing for any sign of her.
The two of them had been used to talking for several hours at a time. Whether it was sending posts back and forth on an ‘A Foreign Affair’ forums or chatting via webcam on echat.
She loved how he listened to her talk about her day, at times wondering if all her talk of baking pies and concocting the perfect peppermint mocha latte bored him to tears.
Re-reading his note, she could hear his deep voice, pleading with her to contact him with any news, each word making her pussy drip wet with desire.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lots of things to share.

Hi everyone,

I have a lot going on so i'll make this as quick as possible.

First off, I received a contract for Sweet Dreams by Lazy Day Publishing. Whoo-hoo! All I know now is the release date is tentatively scheduled for July. When I know more i'll definitely share it with you.

I'm very proud of this particular story and these particular group of characters. It's my first contemporary erotica and these characters have a special place in my heart. I hope all of you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

If you want to see more of Sweet Dreams, a snippet of it will be part of Six Sentence Sunday on 3/27 and also i'll be a part of WIP Wednesday for The Independent Author Network.

In a couple of weeks, I'll be participating in my good friend Danielle's Easter Hop blog.

For anyone who is interested, stop by her blog. The link is here.

One more thing, make sure you stop by Book Lover's Hideaway's blog, the lovely Donna is giving away an ARC'd copy of By Sunset to a random commenter! You have until March 30th. Good luck!

The link for Book Lover's Hideaway is right here!

Everyone have a great evening.:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Blogging over at Book Lover's Hideaway

Hi Everyone,

I'm the guest blogger over at Book Lover's Hideaway, please comment on the blog, because a random commenter will win an ARC copy of By Sunset.

Contest ends on March 30th with the winner being announced on March 31st.

Good Luck!!

The link for Book Lover's Hideaway is right here.

Take care!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

Happy Sunday!!!

This week i'm a part of Six-Sentence Sunday.

For those of you that have never read By Sunset....

Here's a snippet. The link to purchase the novella is on the side of my blog!!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Swimming alone, the young woman enjoyed her mid-afternoon swim along the shoreline of Elderon Lake.
On one of the hottest days she had ever experienced, the large lake and forest were one of the three borders between her kingdom of Kergan and the enemy state of Tacorian.
She adored the solitude, making a point to take an occasional break from her duties as a lady-in-waiting to the youngest heir of Kergan, Princess Isabelle, to relax, reflect and perhaps enjoy some sporadic company with a young border soldier needing his own afternoon stress reliever. It didn’t matter who they were or if they were from enemy territory. Both royal families of Kergan and Tacorian had more than their equal share of handsome and lustful men on each side that provided her with several hours of pleasure.
Wrapping around the curves of her pale, bare breasts as if it were a winter blanket, the dark water felt amazing against her warm skin.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Read an ebook week!

Everyone, don't forget that this week is Read an Ebook week!

I adore my Kindle and admire the other e-readers out there. Since i hate the cold, the rain, ice and snow, buying an ebook for me now constantly wins out over venturing out in bad weather.

I strongly encourage all of you to purchase ebooks. (Kindle and Nook both have free apps that you can download for your pcs)

There are some fantastic authors out there and a lot that if i didn't have an ereader I wouldn't have known about.

Here are my publisher's, Lazy Day Publishing's current list of authors.

Enjoy and read!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let me pose this question......

Hello everyone. Sorry i haven't been around much. But i've been writing and as always, real life comes first.

I finished the first story of my A Foreign Affairs series and i've subbed it (crossing fingers) and it's called Sweet Dreams.
Stories focus on three friends, Beth, Jessie and Kelly their quests to find Mr. Perfect.

The first story is Beth's and she's a successful baker, that has the same name as my title. Beth, after a series of bad relationships enjoys a fun, sexy weekend with the charismatic Yuri, on a dating site called A Foreign Affair.

The multi-cultural website is not your typical dating site. In this series, this particular website can not only find you a potential date, but also if you want, a husband...of the male order variety.

Hahahaha. I'll leave it at that.

These stories are a lot of fun. I hope all of you get to see them as these characters are as close to me as my darling shape shifter, Olivia.

Before i post a bit of what i wrote, i have to pose this question, if you thought the love of YOUR life was on the internet, would you take a chance on them? Would you as much as possible to try to see them? Get to know them by whatever means necessary?

Enjoy a snippet of Sweet Dreams....

Their suite was an extensive masterpiece that mesmerized her by its intimacy.
Hanging on the walls were water colored images of rock legends gone by. Since Yuri had such an extensive background in music from managing clubs over the years, this suite fit the bill nicely. There was even in one corner, a lacquered black oak Baldwin piano just begging to be played.
In all her years in visiting in New York City, she had never been to a hotel quite like this. Even though her sweet little home nestled in a nice cul-de-sac in Stamford was three hours away, her house could probably fit into the living area alone.
She was truly speechless.
She heard it again. The sound of an acoustic guitar that streamed so beautifully from the suites surround sound system. She had no other choice to but to find where it was coming from.
Finding the source of the music meant finding him.
The more she heard, the more she wanted him.
She followed the trail of crumpled clothing to the master bedroom where she finally found him walking around with just a single towel around his waist.
All her worries disappeared. Bonnie was right. He was nothing less than spectacular to look at.
He turned around slowly. His long shoulder-length hair was freshly damp from the shower.
As much as he tried to catch the stray droplets that trickled from his hair, she had to say she enjoyed how they trailed down his broad chest and stomach. With one drop continuing to go slowly towards that mysterious yet magical ‘V’ that she was deeply interested in….
His blue eyes danced when he saw her. “You’re here!” He shouted walking over to her.
“Hi!” she said. Her face a little red with embarrassment over herself practically frothing at the mouth.
His voice was rich and soothing. It was comforting hearing him speak to her without a webcam or a keyboard between them.
He didn’t care how wet he was. In one swoop, he pulled her close to him and held on to her tightly.
Her petite body enjoyed being against his. She never felt so secure or protected in only a few moments of meeting him. Towering over her, he planted a welcome kiss on top of her head.
Looking up at him, she wrapped her arms around his naked torso. “Hi.” She said to him again.
He snickered, pulling away some stray red waves that framed her face. “It is good to see you Beth.” He said softly.
Her eyes couldn’t stop looking as his she found her hands trying to pull him even closer to her than he already was.
“You too Yuri. Did you have a good flight? Are you tired?” She said feeling a bit of concern for him.
“I feel fine. I slept a little bit on the plane. I had asked the clerk to let me know when you were here. I would have met you in the lobby.” He explained.
“I told Bonnie that I wanted to surprise you. I had just gotten off the train when I got your text.”
“I didn’t want our first meeting face to face to be with me in a towel.” He said.
“Things could be worse, you could have nothing on.” She joked pulling away for bit while admiring his large, chiseled frame.
“You’re saying that as if that wouldn’t be so bad.” He laughed.
“Mmm. I don’t know if that really would be so bad.” She said.
He found himself dropping the towel on the floor freeing his hand to curve around her tiny waist, his long fingers, ever so slightly touching her butt before placing it around her waist where his other hand was.
She gasped when he touched her. Part of her didn’t know whether or not if she wanted him to continue touching her or to stop.
“You okay?” he asked her his grin seemingly had a devilish, yet flirtatious intent.
“Yeah, just took me by surprise for a bit.” She said while she pulled away from him, her body trembled from what she feared were possible Yuri withdrawals.
Picking up the towel from the carpet, he placed it around his neck. He walked towards her holding out his hand.
“I’m sorry. Come back. I don’t bite.” He whispered.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me, Caleb and Olivia are talking w/Tigris!

Happy Friday everyone!

Please join me, Caleb and Olivia today over at the awesome Tigris Eden's blog.

Link is here!

She and I talk about all things By Sunset and she was also brave enough to interview both Caleb and Olivia.

I'm also giving away a copy of By Sunset to random reader.
You all have until Jan. 31. to comment on Tigris' Blog.

Bless her! I know she needed a drink when she interviewed them! hahaha


Friday, January 21, 2011

Excerpt from WIP-Sweet Dreams

Saying hi from the writing cave!

Since I haven't been blogging a lot, (Bad writer in me! Sorry ! I haven't been twitter for that matter either )I wanted to share with all of you one of the stories that i have been working on.

Besides, writing By Moonlight, I've been working on very erotic series that centers around a dating website called 'A Foreign Affair.'

Not your typical dating website, 'A Foreign Affair,' also not specializes people who are interested in dating, or getting serious...But also, mail-order grooms!!!

hahahaha. YES I'VE MEANT that... (i know some of you single ladies are going...ooh yeah!! LOL)

The series is one that i'm quite proud of as my Critique Partners and lovely Betas will tell you.
It's a fun, light very hot contemporary story.

The first story from the 'A Foreign Affair' series is called "Sweet Dreams".
It's about a bakery owner named Beth who invites a friend she met from 'A Foreign Affair's' website named Yuri, o New York City for a very sexy and memorable weekend.

Although the snippet i'm about to share isn't one of the hot ones, the story is quite hot as it goes along.

Time to introduce Beth and Yuri. Read for yourselves and let me know what you think of them.

Here is Chapter One of Sweet Dreams. TTYS-xoxo!

Beth couldn’t help but to stare at her computer screen. While the cursor flashed, she could feel her hands tremble at the slightest touch of the keyboard.

She had no idea why her fingers found themselves frozen while attempting to touch a key or click her mouse. All she was doing was replying to an email like she had done so many times with him before.
The two of them had talked pretty much now on a daily basis. Discussing everything from books to how they were going to pay their bills for the next month.
But this time, things were a bit different. Finally after months of online chatting, and emails. It was time for her to invite Yuri here to visit her in New York.
They had met about six months ago through a website dating site called ‘A Foreign Affair’.
As the owner of successful bakery/café, called Sweet Dreams, Beth worked long hours but never had time to pursue the dating scene like she wanted.
She was very attractive, but found the people she was meeting traditionally or though friends either to be just not the type of person she’d want to continue seeing or, perfect on paper, yet intimidated by her success and the long hours she kept.
Her last relationship, a brief affair with a coffee vendor she had met while working was one of the most serious relationships she had experienced in a while.
She had thought that due to the nature of both their businesses that Keith could sympathize about the long hours it took to run a bakery and café each day.
He didn’t.
Trying to compromise, the two decided to break it off, but amicably. Both were at different points in their life and it didn’t quite seem that time was on their sides when the two of them came together.
He wanted a nine to five woman. One who could work and have a family. She wanted romance, adventure and someone who would understand if she needed to get up at 4:30 in the morning or if she stayed up until 2 or 3 a.m. obsessing over a menu. This was her dream. The one thing she had worked very hard for. She would have been there for Keith if he had let her.
Scanning the internet one very early morning after closing up the bakery, Beth came upon an online dating site called ‘A Foreign Affair.’
Since she had gone to culinary arts school in Paris to become a pastry chef, she had always loved the culture and the appeal of a European man.
Reminiscing about the first time she met Yuri online, she found herself minimizing the blank email screen for bit, while clicking onto ‘A Foreign Affair’s’ website.
The familiar blue passport welcoming all ‘visitors’ popped up on her screen. Deciding to login, she typed in her username and password that was located in the upper left hand corner of the site.
Gradually the passport neatly folded itself up, and welcomed her with a virtual postcard that had her username and an inbox full of messages.
She hadn’t been on the site in a couple of days and was amazed at the amount of personal messages that had accrued in her box.
Curious, she clicked onto the virtual stamp that contained the messages.
Some were from different friends that she would talk to every now and then, but most of them were from Yuri.
Clicking on one of them, this particular one from a couple of nights earlier read,
‘Hi, where have you been? I miss you so much. Write to me soon-Y.’
Her blue eyes narrowed while one her index finger wrapped her one of her long red strands of hair around her ear revealing one of the diamond stud earrings he had sent her as a gift recently.
She knew she must stop procrastinating. She really wanted him here, and knew what she wanted from him would change both of their lives forever.
Taking a deep breath, she moved her mouse over the next message by him and clicked it. This one was from several hours ago.
‘Beth, I hope you’re okay. I miss you so much when you’re not around. Even though I have friends and all kinds of people around me, I can’t help but to feel empty. I so wish that you can meet all the people in my life that make me just as happy as you do. Hopefully, by the time you see this, I’ll be on echat. Message me okay?-Y’
She could hear and feel the intensity of his voice as the words play in her head with that deep accent while she re-read his words. Longing for any sign of her.
The two of them had been used to talking for several hours at a time. Whether it was sending posts back and forth on an ‘A Foreign Affair’ or chatting via webcam on echat.
She loved how he listened to her talk about her day, at times wondering if all her talk of baking pies and concocting the perfect peppermint latte bored him to tears.
Re-reading his note, she could hear his deep voice, pleading with her to contact him with any news, each word making her pussy drip wet with desire.
Gaining her nerve back, she saved his message with all the other ones he had sent her in her saved box and exited the website.
Instead of an email, she looked at her watch.
‘He’d still be up. I’ll see if he’s on echat.’ She thought, as she opened up her echat icon and logged in.
Despite her being the only one in her bedroom. She found herself smoothing back her unruly mass of red curls and glancing at the reflection of her laptop from the lamp in her nighstand.
She knew he wouldn’t care what she looked like, but always no matter how late it was wanted to make herself presentable for him. Something that she had never done with any other man.
Echat was taking a very long time to log into for some reason. While she waiting for the logging in sign to stop blinking at her, she decided to grab a glass of water from the bathroom and putting on a pair of pink pajama shorts and baby blue tank top.
Coming back a couple of minutes later, she could hear a faint voice reply.
“Great ass!”
She turned around slowly giggling to herself, that from the angle of her webcam, he could see what she wore and what she was doing.

“Oops. Thought I’d get something to drink before you logged on.” She told him while walking back to her bedroom sitting down at her computer desk. The laptop’s light was the only light in the room.
He was gorgeous. His long, straight brown hair that was normally in a ponytail cascaded around his chiseled face.
Her blue eyes danced while he waved excitedly at her from his webcam.
She smiled back and waved to him.
“You’re fine Beth. We had a storm blow through earlier; I think it slowed the connection a bit. How are you?” he asked her, his Russian accent only slightly filtering through.
She nervously played with her red curls. “I’m tired. Good though. Been busy.” She said all the while nodding as she explained to him what was happening.
“Bakery is going well right?” he asked. Seeming concerned, his eyes narrowed a bit before he continued. “You haven’t been on in a couple of days.”
She began to feel the butterflies fluttering wildly in the pit of her stomach. She needed her hands to do something due to them beginning to shake so much, so she plopped both hands in front of her, mildly tapping on the front of her desk.

“Actually Sweet Dreams is doing fantastic. I can’t be happier or more exhausted. “
Yuri seemed relieved. She could see he took a deep breath and leaned against his chair. He was wearing a white tank, and what looked like a pair of black sweats.
She couldn’t help but to look at his arms. Every muscle from his shoulders to biceps was defined to perfection. The tank fit seemingly fit his narrow torso like a glove and even though she couldn’t quite see his legs. She remembered from when they first chatting via echat in early spring how strong his legs and thighs were.
She had spent many nights fantasizing what’d be like to touch them, knead them, pull down those sweats he so loved to wear so that his huge cock that every so often teased her with an excited bulge here and there could finally pop out to be ridden by her hard for hours on end.
“Beth? Beth?” Yuri asked as he tried to get her attention.
His voice woke her up from her little fantasy and she shook her head. “Oh wow. I’m sorry. Must have just zonked out for a bit.”
It was a seven hour time difference. He wasn’t really surprised. He snickered. “You were a million miles away. You’re already far enough from me. I don’t want you being even further away.” He quipped.
She smiled. “Aww. I’m sorry Yuri. I got your messages on ‘A Foreign Affair’ I take it you've been looking for me?” She said pulling her hair away from her face.
“Yes. I just missed you. We usually talk everyday whether if it’s on the site or through echat or email. I got concerned because there was nothing.”
“I’m alive and well. I’ve been busy because my one of my assistant manager’s Reese is moving to New York City to study acting in another week and her replacement that she and I both have been training has been a little challenging.”
Yuri raised his eyebrows. His father used to run a bakery in Belarus before the Chernobyl nuclear disaster deemed his town and his father’s eatery uninhabitable. Even years later, he understood and respected how hard Beth worked. His father, although in his early seventies now, is still broken hearted over what was and could have been.
“I understand. My father ran a bakery here in Belarus for years before the nuclear disaster. I remember him training guys on register and baking bread. “
Beth smiled at him while he reminisced. ‘Damn, another thing in common.’ She thought to herself while Yuri continued to chat about his relationship with his father.
“I never knew that your dad owned a bakery. “She told him.
Raising his eyebrows, he thought that he had told her about his childhood and of his own time in a bakery.
“I didn’t tell you? I could have sworn I did. But yes, he did. He and my mother owned it for many years until the Chernobyl disaster. All the ash, the damage it caused ruined everything. Pop was heartbroken. He loved his customers, loved his work. The joy in his eyes when he opened the doors each morning will never be erased from my memory. Nor will his heartbreak. ”
“Oh Yuri, I’m so sorry. Didn’t he want to start again? Perhaps in another part of Russia?”
Yuri shook his head. “That bakery was home. My mother and I both tried to get him to re-open but he always refused. He said nothing felt as comfortable as our old place. The bakery was in the center of town and everyone would come in, say hi. Buy bread, cakes, cookies, pies. Pop made a point to talk to everyone. He loved his customers. It’s how we all met my best friend’s Nik and his parents. They were doctors and when the disaster struck they were in the middle of some of the highest concentrations of fallout. His father died very recently with cancer and his mother has now been diagnosed as terminal.”
The color went out of her pale skin. She sat motionless for several minutes. She couldn’t find the words while experiencing the hurt in his voice.
“I couldn’t imagine. I’m so sorry to hear about Nik. I know you said his parents were both sick but I didn’t know about his mother.”
Yuri shrugged. His lips turned into a straight line. “He’s like a brother to me. It’s hard for me to talk about. He’s been taking care of both of them. He’s not complaining, not angry. He’s just…”
“Maintaining?” she asked.
“I suppose. I couldn’t imagine losing a parent with an illness like that only to learn that your other parent is dying too. They were fairly young. They were so active. His mother can barely walk. Even though it happened so long ago I’m still angry for what that disaster still is doing to everyone.”
Finally getting up the nerve to ask him, she simply blurted out.
“Come visit me here in New York.”
He looked at her blankly for a minute. He needed some time to process what she had just said.
“New York?”
She nodded. “Yes. I’ll pay. It’s for the weekend. You’re no longer a nightclub owner. Sounds like you need a change of pace and I do too. A nice break in the city would be great. “
“I’ve never been to New York.”
She began to smile. “It’s great. The city is so beautiful. Especially this time of year. We could go see a play or see the Statue of Liberty.”
Yuri smiled. “I couldn’t let you pay. I’ll be fine here.”
“Yuri, it’s my treat. I want to see you. Be with you. Share a part of me like you just did with me.”
He was still reluctant. He couldn’t have her pay as much as she wanted to but also knew that ‘A Foreign Affair’ did have visitor packages for couple who wanted to spend more time together available.
“Beth, are you sure?”
She felt better. She was steadfast. She was comfortable. “Yes. I’m sure. I want to. We have the visitor packages from ‘A Foreign Affair’. I’ll pay get a discount on that hot new hotel called Indigo and make all the reservations. It’ll be fun!”
He did want to see her. She was beautiful. He was getting tired of talking to her from a webcam, and the short break was needed. Since the nightclub he ran was destroyed by a fire, n, he was not only unemployed, but had no clue on which direction he wanted to towards next.
He clenched his jaw tightly. He had a feeling that this little break would be the most important weekend of his life…

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, new stories.

Hi everyone, i hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season as much as i did.

I've been watching movies, eating (sigh. back to dieting...) and reading on my new kindle.

New website is nearly ready. And for now, since this is a new year, new stories are being written as we speak so you won't see me as much.

I do have some interviews that you will see later on this month.

1st one is up today, by the awesome Melanie Vantour which if you want to know some cool facts about me, you can click this link

The others will be up later on in the month with Tigris Eden which i'm giving away a free copy of By Sunset and another interview with Lisa Stull.

In between all of this, i'll be giving you all sneak peaks of two stories i'm writing, one's an erotic contemporary story called 'Sweet Dreams' the other is By Sunset's sequel, 'By Moonlight.'

Till then, please let me know what you think of By Sunset.

Talk to you soon.