Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi all.

Geez, this poor neglected blog. Lately, i've been using my FB author page to communicate with all of you, so unfortunately this poor thing has been without information for a bit, but here it goes and what's been going on.

First off, the 3rd episode of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories is complete. With that, the 1st story in the 'CRAVE' series is done as well and sent to my editor. It will be available on Dec. 8th.

Here is the pretty cover made by the fabulous Stephanie Scott Fodor!!

I hope you all like the conclusion, it does tie up the story, but ends the way it does to start 'NEED', the next story of the CRAVE series right off where Crave left off. That story will be released in Feb for the Second Season of Romantic Tales that will be available at and Barnes and

Before that, there we have the 'Season Finale' of Romnatic Tales available in Jan. which is the printed version of all 3 books, plus some SUPRISES!!!

In Dec, myself, Tigris Eden and Riley Ross are doing a number of appearances, guest posts and interviews for Romantic Tales.

Next Wed, in fact i'll be on Babs Books Bistro at 7 pm EST .

The link is here

Following by blog tour events between this Saturday and through Dec.7th. on Dec. 11th, Tigris, Riley and myself will also be featured in USA's today's Happy Ever After Blog discussing the Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories concept as well.

One other thing....Did i tell you also that the ladies and I are forming a Street Team and we're looking for help in promoting Romantic Tales.

So, if you want, exclusive content, exclusive goodies for Street Team members and the eligibility to enter really good contests ,(yes, we have one going on now actually)email our assistant, Dani, at

I'll be back soon. (wow, that was a lot to post!) maybe i shouldn't neglect this blog..LOL.

Take care and as always thanks so much for your support.

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